Hey beautiful, yes you!!! Do you know your story is an inspiration to many women? So many women out there wish to have your kind of testimony you have. Many families will give all they have just to make sure their mother, sister, cousin, daughter, wife is breast cancer free. But you have survived and you’ve become a hero.

Breast cancer has ended the life of so many women, and so many young, beautiful women out there are still fighting this menace. Breast cancer is an evil force that has tried to take away what you have, but it failed. Do you know why? Because your fighting spirit is extraordinary.

breast cancer

Probably during the course of the battle, you had to give up some of the things that you felt made you a woman, things you felt defined your femininity. But I will let you understand that being a woman is more than the physical appearance. It goes beyond the looks, it is more about how you feel inside.

It is understand able if you feel less of a woman because you’ve had to give up so of the physical attributes that differentiate a man from a woman. In your case, it could be you lost your hairs during the struggle with chemotherapy, or the surgeons had to take out your breasts, to save your life.

But I can assure you, not having breast, doesn’t make you less of a woman. You are woman because you are born a female, because you were born different from the opposite sex. You feel things differently, you reason differently, you strength is phenomenon, your logic is powerful and what you have within you, is more than what the opposite sex would ever comprehend.

You might feel different physically, but your sexuality, poise, grace, carriage, character and logic and reason will never change, and that’s what makes you a woman. So don’t look down on yourself because there is more to you than the societal standard of the physical attribute of what differentiate a man from a woman.

There is nothing hideous about you, because you are beautiful just the way you are.


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