There is a saying that says “different strokes for different fox” so what’s good for lady A might not be comfortable for lady B. In recent times, people have gone on social media, making jokes about ladies with smaller boobs, apparently almost everyone feels that smaller boob sizes like A and B cup size, should not be in the same category with size C and D. But celebrity feminist Amber Rose is about to prove everyone wrong as she reveals that she would be having a breast reduction surgery. Amber Rose shared this information on her Instagram account.

Normally it is common to see women go for breast enlargement surgery and not breast reduction surgery. Amber Rose opening up about her surgery has caused a lot of reactions from women in the large boob size community, and interestingly, majority of them are giving their full support to the celebrity feminist.

A lot of women have taken to social media to reveal what a relief it would be to get breast reduction surgery. Some women shared their displeasure on how they have to spend extra just too get the right bra that would fit properly, others shared the back pain torture they endure regularly because of the extra weight they bear. For others, their displeasure comes from not getting dresses that fits them properly because of their big boobs.Given the option, majority of women in the C and D cup size community would opt for breast reduction surgery if given the opportunity. But some men still feel that sizes C and D are the perfect size, but this is not true. There are no perfect size of breast. It doesn’t matter what breast size you are, A, B, C or D cup. What matters is how you feel about yourself, and that you are comfortable in your own skin.

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