are aphrodisiacs diabolic?

Dear Mahogany,

I was talking to my boyfriend two days ago and I told him I wanted to get an aphrodisiac but he asked me if I want to use jazz on him. We have been arguing about it back and forth and he said I have joined those girls doing jazz for favour soap and the rest, I told him aphrodisiacs are not jazz and just turn me on before sex. Are your aphrodisiacs diabolical?


Hi Temi,

No, our aphrodisiacs are not diabolical. And you wouldn’t be the first person asking about this. Aphrodisiacs are sex enhancers that make sex pleasurable or enhance sex experience. They are not diabolical they are organic, non- toxic products. The Naughty Girl Aphrodisiac taken one hour before sex can stimulate arousal and increase wetness before sex. It wouldn’t make your boyfriend drop his ATM pin or give you favor.

I can say I understand your boyfriends fear, yes I do but we don’t sell any of those. Our products are organic, non diabolical and safe for the body.

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