Dear Mahogany.
I’m in a sexually active relationship with my boyfriend and we have sex without protection. Recently I noticed some bumps on his penis and it freaked me out. When I called his attention to it, he feigned ignorance and said it was probably just a regular lump. We still had sex although I insisted on using a condom which pissed him off. He keeps saying it’s normal and it should clear off, but I’m worried about it. Can that be a sign of an infection he caught? And do I stand the risk of an infection too?

Dear Anonymous
I appreciate your trust in us.

To start with, the only way to detect if the bumps are normal or sexually related is by making sure your boyfriend gets tested for any sign of STD.

That been said, men can have all sorts of lumps and bumps, some which are non-sexual and harmless in nature. For bumps which are not passed sexually, they can be gotten from:
• Irritation to cosmetic products. (Body wash, shaving cream)
• Friction from rubbing against pieces of clothing
• Infected hair follicles and blocked oil glands

However, sexually active men with bumps on their penis may have reasons to worry about STDs.

The most common STD that causes bumps is the Herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2), HSV_1 and Human papillomavirus (HPV). These diseases can cause bumps or sores to breakout in the genital area.

These bumps normally appear on the penis and its surrounding area. They appear in clusters of painless, flesh –colored bumps and may continue to spread over a period of time.

To be safe, please get tested for these possible infections. Protccting our sexual health should be as important as saving your relationship.


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