ASA : Salt and Soul

Sigh. Have you seen recent pictures of Asa? She has been seen packing salt and soul in new photos of her melanin-dipped bod.

Maybe we haven’t seen tits or camel toe or that much naughtiness but this beautiful artist has been serving sexiness in her music for so long that we are just about satisfied with a little plunge neckline and see-through lushness.

That’s right! Asa has joined bad gang o! She spotted a body-fitted see-through number in a new photo shoot recently splashed on her Twitter page. Big thirst trap! Hard to sidestep all that sexiness.

*licks phone*

Sigh. This picture has made it to our Hall of Fame for its quiet allure so typical and yet so refreshing coming from her.

We are always proud of black women who embrace and revel in their sexuality.

Send in HOT selfies to grace our Hall of Fame. Celebrity or not, this page is opened to all who are deserving! YES, that includes you!


  • Mims
    6 years ago Reply

    she is beautiful, i wonder why she keeps it all wrapped up all the time. Love love her music too.

    • Ajoke
      6 years ago Reply

      Oh God , I do too! I think showing us a bit of her naughty side once in awhile is part of her allure

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