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Ass eating, ass licking, analingus, tossing the salad, rimming, whatever you call it. We all have one fetish we indulge in during sex, and ass eating seem to be the new deal in town.  It might seem nasty at first, but believe me it gets better when you become more comfortable. After all, it is another form of oral sex.ass eatingThis generation has taken sexual intercourse to a whole new level, that it has become a magical form of art and new techniques are been discovered every day. Who would have ever imagined that one could experience immense pleasure from ones butt hole? But with new sex tips been discovered every day, the anus is not left out.

ass eatingSo How Do You Become An Ass Eating Expert?

First of all, I would like to say that analingus or ass eating isn’t only for one sex. Anybody can eat ass. Male, Female, Straight or Homosexual. With that being said, it’s time to know how to toss the salad.


Whenever any form of sex tips or technique is been shared, the first thing we ask couples to do is to communicate with their partners. I remember the first time I indulged in tossing the salad. There wasn’t any prior notice, I didn’t even know ass eating was a thing. It was very awkward, and I was very uncomfortable. This wouldn’t have been the case if I was informed of my partner’s ass eating fetish.

  • TRUST:

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you do not have a 100% trust in your partner’s hygiene, you better don’t toss any salad, because you might eating more than a salad. Let’s be frank, we all know what comes out of a butt hole, and I’m sure there is nobody who want a piece of someone’s poop in their mouth, no matter how intimate you might be. That’s all shades of nasty. Knowing how clean your partner is, and how they take care of their butt hole is going to save you from unforeseen circumstances.


Once you and your partner have discussed and agreed, and you also have a 100% trust in your partner’s level of hygiene, there is no point overthinking it. Just do it. Because once you start overthinking it, you will get a thousand and one reasons why you should not do it, and trying to get good reasons why you should actually toss the salad might end up ruining the fun at that moment.


ass eating

Just like every other oral sex or sexual activities have their risky side, so does ass eating. I suggest brushing your mouth after the activity is completed. This should remove any bacteria lurking around. Also, beware of cross contamination. Vaginal penetration after anal penetration can lead to infection, never go from anus to vagina without a wash break.

There are a lot of delightfully sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus, which is a pleasure zone for both male and female. Therefore I would suggest massaging the butts with your hands, licking the butts and butt hole is also safe. But avoid sucking the butt hole for any reason, the outcome could be disastrous.

Have fun tossing the salad.

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