Bad Girls Get Punished 2

She was getting punished again. Her little behind just couldn’t stay out of trouble long enough. But then when the punishment was as good as this, how could she?

Again it was her damned phone that’s gotten her in trouble again. At first he had been mad about the messages. Then she had been mad at him for touching her phone again. In the end, his temper trumped hers. So here she was lying on the bedroom tiles in a pool of her own squirt.

It had started on the bed, naturally. She had curled up into an angry ball, moping and pouting and he had started by gently trying to turn her face towards his. But because her stubborn ass won’t yield, he ended up pinning her to the bed; one palm on her belly holding her waist down, one arm keeping her thighs apart. With resignation, she slowly closed her eyes, waiting for the sweet torture only his mouth could give.

But she couldn’t stay still! Squirming and writhing under him while he ate her out slowly like he had nowhere else to be. His breath on her wetness driving her to the edge and his tongue slipping in and out of her, pushing her further. She could feel the warmth of his mouth everywhere inside her.

Still holding her waist  down, he let her thigh go and pulled his face away from her cooch. He watched her body relax and her eyes flicker open in anticipation. He watched her push her waist off the bed, offering herself up to him. She looked down to see his cock twitch in response, telling her he wanted to be inside her as badly as she wanted him too. But he wasn’t in a hurry. He looked at her for the longest second, his eyes telling her how much trouble she was in.

She reached out to wrap her hand around his turgid cock, but he pulled away.

“You know you are going to get punished, right” he said, slowly dipping two fingers inside her.

She whimpered in reply and squealed in shock when he pulled out his fingers to slap hard at her clitoris. He continued to slap her coochie while he talked to her. She tried to twist out of his reach but his palm on her belly held her pinned in place. Again he dipped two fingers into soaking wet yoni, flicked her pulsing clitoris and then forced his soaked fingers into her mouth. She moaned as she licked her juice off his finger and licked her lips.

Lifting her off the bed, he moved her to the edge of the bed, her head and upper body hanging off the side of the bed, dirty dangle style. Starting with the tip of his penis, he began to fuck her slowly, with shallow strokes.

Moaning, gasping she begged for more, moving her waist down to slide fully into him. He obliged by deepening his strokes, taking her breath away with the whole length of him.

Seconds away from sliding right on the floor, she felt her orgasm build up from her toes and her pussy walls squeezing around his hardness. He felt it too and froze, wickedly pulled out. Her eyes flew open in shock, pleading with him to keep going. Instead, he slapped at her wet yoni with his throbbing, soaked cock, teasing her with the tip of the magic stick.

She was beside herself with pure lust. By now, her waist was almost totally off the bed and with the torture causing her to squirm even more, she slipped off the bed completely. Joining her on the cold tiled floor, he slid into her wetness again and started the sweet slow torture of deep thrusts, massaging her walls and hitting her G-Spot each time.

She could feel the warmth pooling at the back of her neck. She wanted more and she wanted it fast. She moved her waist against him without thinking, hinting him that she was getting close to climax again. Her senses flew out the window and the only thing she could feel was him, everywhere.

“Yes! Yes, right there!” she moaned, grinding against him feverishly.

“Mmm, but you’ve been a bad girl” he whispered back, his voice heavy with lust

“ Please. Don’t stop” she begged for release.

“Mmm.. have you been good girl?” he thrust deeper, making her gasp

“Yes, yes. I swear”


“Yes, I promise”

With the promise still on her lips, his picked up pace and he drove her to a wild release.

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