condom sex or raw sex


Today I will want to compare Condom Sex to Raw Sex, and know which is better and more preferable.  If you ask a guy, he would most likely tell you raw sex. If you ask a lady, she would also tell you the same, but there are a lot of factors to consider before drawing a conclusion. For example; which is safer? Which give more intensity and pleasure? Which is more comfortable? Which has the greater advantage? Which is better, condom sex or raw sex?

This is an almost impossible debate, and I know you would most likely go for the one which would give you more whoa factor. But I would like to appeal to your sense of reasoning, and plead with you to be more open minded in this discussion.

So the question is WHICH IS BETTER, CONDOM SEX OR RAW SEX? I would be answering this question using the same factors listed above. So relax and enjoy.

  • WHICH IS SAFER?condom sex or raw sex

In every organization, “safety first” is the slogan, which means that your safety is priority. This also applies to every relationship, most importantly, the ones that includes sex. So how do you protect yourself in a sexually active relationship?

First of all, that would depend on the type of protection you require. If you want a protection that would protect you strictly from unwanted pregnancies, contraceptives are the way. You can choose from a wild range of contraceptive option, whatever would suit your needs. So raw sex wins.

If you want a protection that would protect you from STIs and other forms of sexually transmitted diseases, condom is the way. So condom sex wins.

Now if you want something that would protect you from both unwanted pregnancies and STIs, condom sex also wins.

Two out of three, condom sex is winner, so it’s safe to say that condom sex is safer.


Unarguably, I must say that raw sex is better. But are you willing to compromise your safety for extra pleasure? I’m not saying that with condom sex, you can’t feel anything, you will. Just not as intense as raw sex, and this can be manipulated with other forms of sexual activities, like oral sex for example.

If you are willing, there are ways to manipulate to get that extra pleasure and intensity that might be missing with condom sex.


Comfort could come in different dimensions. For some people, they would not be comfortable having sex with someone they barely know and trust if there is no condom in sight, take for example people suffering from vaginismus. For others it really doesn’t matter.

Some people allergic to latex, so latex condoms is a no for them, and getting a more suitable and comfortable condom would come at an extra cost or effort.

For other people, finding a condom that would fit comfortable is a bit of an issue.

Either ways, trust is the most important factor when it comes to determining which sex is more comfortable for you. Is it raw sex or condom sex? I’d let you decide on this.


Determining which sex would have a greater advantage would depend on personal opinions. In my opinion, condom sex has more advantages for me than disadvantages. For you it could be the other way round.

The comment section is always open, so feel free to drop your comments and opinions, and let us know which is better, condom sex or raw sex and why.

I would love to hear back from you.

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