Nothing but pure love is what I have for this beautiful black goddess, bursting with melanin and boldly adorning her beautiful, full, black, afro hair, this diva is definitely the goddess of beauty. Even though she is Latino, she is a proud black woman, who keeps in touch with her black heritage. Not only is she a back beauty, she is an illustration of sexiness. I present you, Amara La Negra.Amara La Negra is a 26 years old Dominican beauty, known for her Latin urban music. She was born in Miami, Florida. Using “La Negra” in her name is her way of showing that she is not shy and she is very proud of her Dominican roots. She considers it a very flattering way of describing black women. We can call our black beauty a mommy’s girl, this is because she doesn’t hesitate to show that she has a deep bond with her mom, and their story is so inspiring.According to this black goddess, there are basically five ways to describe her: FABULOUS, EXOTIC, FUNNY, HUMBLE and ENERGETIC. Amara La Negra severs to show to the world the not all Latina look like J. LO, Sophia Vergara or Shakira. She want to world to know that there are Afro-Latinos (men and women) who are doing great things in the world, and she is part of them.In the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami, she is seen defending her Afro, and she passed a very powerful message all black women who carry their natural black hair. She says “who the f**k says you can’t be elegant with a fro?” This Dominican diva has had her own share of racism. In the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami, she  says a lot of people like to box her in all because she look or because she is dark skin, but that doesn’t make her less Latina, she is a hundred percent Latina and she is proud of it. Amara La Negra also gave out her voice against the recent slave trade in Libya.Now away from BLACK LIVES MATTER Amara La Negra, this black beauty is also a fashion icon. Whether she is putting on a gown, or pants or bikini, she can never go wrong. Like I stated before, she is an illustration of sexiness, she’s got the body of a goddess dripping with melanin. She always carry her Afro like it’s a crown set perfectly on her head, and we are so inspired, her perfect smile can lighten up and dark room. Indeed, this Dominican black beauty is a goddess.Amara La Negra has collaborated with musicians like Trina, Kent Jones, Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas.

Keep doing what you do Amara La Negra, we love you #blackgirlsrock.



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