What’s better than having an orgasm? Having multiple orgasms at once.

When it comes to orgasm types, they are more than one type of female orgasms a vulva owner can have. There’s the clitoral, vaginal, anal, cervical, nipple, G-spot, A-spot and so on.

And we can experience all of these orgasms with the right toys, touch and patience. Orgasms mean different things to different people but one constant is how it makes us feel after, almost like our bodies levitating. If this sounds amazing, then you should meet the blended orgasm. The most intense orgasm you would ever have.

Blended orgasm is a combo of clitoral and vaginal orgasms that happen at the same time. This simultaneous orgasm is more intense and deeply felt in the body. Blended orgasms can also be more than two simultaneous orgasms. They can include anal orgasm, nipple orgasm etc. However, the traditional blended orgasm involves the clitoris and vagina and are one of the most intense blended orgasms.

How do I get blended orgasms?

To have the traditional blended orgasm you should stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at the same time. And it is not as difficult as it may look, partnered or solo. 

Here’s how to get the blended orgasm

You need to first locate the g-spot

Even though 75% of the women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, it doesn’t mean that the vaginal orgasm is impossible to achieve as long as you find the g-spot.  The g-spot is part of the clitoral network and if you can have a clitoral orgasm then you can have a vaginal orgasm. The g-spot is located inside your vagina about two inches up and against the back of the stomach. It has a rougher texture, slightly different and swells than the rest of the vagina. It is easier to locate when aroused. If you feel something similar to a walnut shell or dime, try applying pressure or moving your fingers in circles around it. Use lots of lubes to make the sensation more pleasurable. If you can’t use your fingers there are g-spot vibrators that are made with curves specifically to reach the g-spot.

Play around with your clitoris

The only role of the clitoris is specifically pleasure, which means that the clitoris plays a big role in female orgasm. When it comes to stimulating the clitoris, fingers are a great way to explore. Use the fingers of one hand to circle, run up and down, tap or even pinch the clitoris. Play with different sensations to get what you like most. No two clitoris are the same, some are less sensitive than the others and may require extra stimulation to get aroused. Applying a clit sensitizer on the clitoris can increase the sensations on the clitoris. A wand massager is one of the best toys for stimulating the clitoris.

Get into a comfortable position

To get the most of blended orgasms, you should find comfortable positions that are great for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. If you are experimenting with a partner sex positions like the doggy position, face to face position (such as missionary) in which your partner’s body can rub the external part of the clitoris during penetrative sex can help. Spooning is also a good position that allows your partner stimulate your clitoris during penetration manually or with a toy.

Add some toys to the mix

Toys are the easiest way to achieve blended orgasm without any stress. Whether for solo or partnered play, toys are always a good option. To achieve the traditional blended orgasm, the Rabbit is a great toy to begin with. The rabbit can stimulate the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously which leads to blended orgasms. If your partner is stimulating one part of you, you can supplement with toys to stimulate other erogenous zones. For instance you can use a wand massager to stimulate your clitoris while your partner penetrates you.


Don’t pressure yourself

Relax and do not put any pressure on yourself to have an orgasm. Pressure leads to no pleasure. So allow yourself feel the sensations instead of trying to focus on getting blended orgasms. Play with yourself, experiment with your body and get used to the various sensations.

Remember that your sex life is still awesome with or without a blended orgasm.

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