The craze over professional photography has gone viral. It is no longer just a profession or a hobby, it is now a lifestyle. The real magic comes when you add makeup with professional photography. You can become anybody you want to be. But I’m not going to be lecturing you on how to become a professional photographer, NO. I am more interested in that aspect of photography that lets a woman loose. The type of photography that allows a woman become who she really is. The type of photography that releases a woman’s sexuality, sensuality, feminism and desires. I’m talking about BOUDOIR. Boudoir photography isn’t just for super models, it’s for every woman, it’s for me and you.



  1. Choose a perfect location:

It’s important you choose a location that speaks to you, a location where you can be whomever you want to be, without being intimidated. It could be a hotel room, or even photo studio. You can create whatever scene you want, nature scene or an office scene, wherever makes you comfortable. Also be creative.

  1. Get a trusted professional photographer:boudoir

Getting a very good professional photographer is very important. You have to be sure of the quality of the pictures you are going to get, and also ensure that your photographer is trustworthy. You don’t want somebody who is going to be leaking your photos all over the internet without your authorization. Also get someone who is going to be patient and help you achieve the goal you are aiming for.

  1. Get your hair and makeup done professionally:

Boudoir is not just your regular photography session. Boudoir is to bring out your sensuality, feminism, and sexuality. So you want to make sure everything is on point. From your hair, to your makeup. You have to get everything right.

  1. Be Comfortable:

You have to be able to be as comfortable as possible to release the sexy you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You don’t have to be completely naked, but a little bit of sexiness here and there won’t hurt. Also you have to be patient with yourself, it not easy getting in front of the camera with all that sexiness and all the people around you. But relax. You can have a friend around to cheer you up while you achieve the perfect picture.

  1. Release Your Alter Ego:

Baby girl!!! This is boudoir, not some regular photography session. You have to release yourself. I suggest you have bottles of champagne or your favorite drink on standby, to help deal with any form of shyness. Have fun, let go, don’t hold back. Release that temptress or diva in you. You are beautiful the way you are.

  1. Choose A Theme:

As fun as boudoir is, it could easily become boring if you don’t have a theme and you just go to the photographer clueless. Have a theme. You could be a sexy secretary, or a bride, a 1980s movie star. You could be anything you want to be, but be creative.

Smile for the camera :).







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