Dear Mahogany,
I am a sexually active girl with just one partner. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is not a big fan of condoms neither am I, we practice the pull out method and it’s been working for us. My period is over two weeks late and I’m scared of having a test yet. He didn’t release inside of me the last time we had sex and I’ve not had sex with anyone. I’m wondering if precum, those tiny immature sperm can get me pregnant. I’m really scared.

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for reaching out to us. First, the risks of unprotected sex are high and can lead to sexually transmitted infections but having unprotected sex without any form of contraceptive is not advisable.
Those tiny immature sperm are known as pre-ejaculate fluid, they are released during intercourse and most men have no control over them. Majority of the pre-ejaculate fluid has dead sperm or no sperm in them and although there is no atom of sperm in them, precum can get you pregnant because it flows through the same opening that the sperm does.
The amount of sperm present in the pre-ejaculate fluid of most men is low but it is believed that the sperm from a pre-ejaculate fluid would survive longer inside the vagina since it is believed to help reduce the acidity of the vagina. Acid kills the sperm but precum reduces the acidity and aims for fertilization.
There are rare cases of pregnancy occurring from pre-ejaculate fluid and the chances are high if pre-ejaculate fluid happens after normal ejaculation and lesser if it is released without any form of ejaculation. The chances of pregnancy are low but they do exist, also pregnancy can occur if your partner ejaculates close to your vagina even if not necessarily inside of you this is because a tiny drop of sperm can travel inside your vagina and cause conception.
I would advise you to perform a pregnancy test sooner, always take emergency contraceptives after unprotected sex, select a good birth control pill to use or use a condom to reduce health risks. Some contraceptive pills can also disrupt your menstrual cycle. Remember to always practice safe sex.

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