Handsome chocolate wonder, sex symbol and Hollywood star Morris Chestnut has been sweeping ladies off their feet since his first acting debut in Boyz N The Hood back in 1991. He is most famous for playing perfect lover/husband roles.

Morris doesn’t have your typical “dad-body” with love handles and beer belly. But at one time he actually did. Before Morris started shooting the 2014 blockbuster movie ‘Best Man Holiday’ Morris was in the worst shape of his life. He was 35 pounds heavier than he should have been, weighing over 220 pound. He had been avoiding the gym and frequenting drive-through. Knowing he would be on the screen again and with more shirtless scenes to shoot, he turned to celebrity trainer Obi Obadike for help, and in just 12 weeks, Morris went from 220 pounds to a lean 187 pounds. Chestnut has managed to maintain his sex symbol good looks and six-packs abs.My favorite Morris chestnut scene is the Rosewood TV series promo, where the show’s star Morris Chestnut, who plays the smoldering, crime-solving pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, puts his washboard abs on full display, dripping sweat as he takes a shirtless jog in the Miami heat.There is no denying that Morris is the perfect hot chocolate wonder, with his well-toned black body, wonder physique and abs. Although he is bald, he still has a handsome facial feature and the way his thin, cute mustache merges with his slim facial hair is incredible. His classic good looks, intentional charm and easy smile make him an obvious choice for leading male role. He was named as one of People magazine 2015 sexiest man alive.Some of Chestnut works includes: The Best Man Holiday, The Perfect Guy, The Best Man, Rosewood.

We love you our chocolate wonder and sex symbol Morris Chestnut.

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