Chocolate,Whiskey and A Boy

So I was tipsy yesternight after a few shots of whiskey and became very, very hungry. I broke a bar of chocolate and dropped one half in my mouth. The feeling was heavenly and instant! Right now I can almost feel it crawling in my veins and gripping my heart.. making its way below my waist.  I can feel that sweet tingling feeling of a lil squirt *wink* I almost feel my waist swaying like it did last night and the way I pinched the top of my boobies too. I almost hear Rihanna and Gaga urging me I move my left hand down…. How my right hand was struggling with the rest of the chocolate.. Couldn’t get it out of the wrapper in time. And then Jeremih and 50cent starts crooning in my left ear.. *smiles* and I was half-dancing to this when PHCN restored the light! Then I realized Jeremih wasn’t singing to me! 50cent was not in my room! It was a call! I was dancing to my ring tone! Lol….crazy stupid. I was so horny, I thought I would burst and all I could think of was Robby* and that my forehead was itching badly! But anyways, I got through the night somehow. Can’t even remember how I slept…just that I woke alone, and in my bed.

*i’ll tell u more about him later

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