clitoral atrophy: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT A NUMB clitorIS

The clitoris isn’t called the pleasure hub for nothing. Packed with 8000 nerve endings, the clitoris is sensitive to the slightest form of touch and when stimulated can increase arousal and cause feelings of pleasure. (Sounds like what you should stop ignoring sis)

But, what happens when this pleasure hub: the clitoris becomes numb and loses sensations. I’m pretty sure this sounds like a nightmare because it is. This condition is known as clitoral atrophy and sadly 15 out of 100 women have experienced this. Although it is not as common as vaginal atrophy – which is the thinning, drying and inflammation of the walls of the vaginal walls as a result of lack of estrogen in the body. (Estrogen or Oestrogen is the primary female sex hormone) Vaginal atrophy can cause painful sex while clitoral atrophy can lead to a numb clitoris instead. Here the clitoris stops responding to sexual arousal and stops functioning as it should.


Why is my clitoris numb?

Clitoral atrophy is the shrinking and loss of sensation of the clitoris. This is when the clitoris stops responding to sexual stimulation, arousal and no longer functions as it should, The clitoris can even disappear as a result of this. Clitoral atrophy can occur for several reasons and here are some common reasons.

1. Lack of sexual use

If you don’t use it, you may lose it, is a phrase applicable to the clitoris. Not having regular sex or frequent arousals can make the clitoris become thin or dry. The clitoris can even shrink and disappear under the clitoral hood.

2. Inadequate blood flow to the vagina and clitoris

The clitoris relies on regular blood flow to function regularly. To get the blood flowing, sexual stimulation is encouraged through sexual stimulation of the clitoris.  


Menopause comes with lots of changes in the female body such as a reduction in the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. A drop in the testosterone levels can lead to a numb clitoris. This is because the testosterone is responsible for your libido; this is because the clitoris needs this hormone for proper arousal. A reduction in testosterone can also be caused by hormonal birth control or estrogen supplements.

4. Hysterectomy

The ovaries are responsible for producing both testosterone and estrogen. And removing them and other structures can decrease sex hormones levels in the body and also reduce blood flow.  A hysterectomy can also lead to loss of estrogen in the body.

What are the symptoms of clitoral atrophy?

Whether your clitoris is numb or not, it is only noticeable when you are sexually aroused. Here are some of the symptoms that are impossible to miss.

  1. Reduced response or no response at all to clitoral stimulation
  2. Loss of sensations around the clitoris
  3. Your clitoris seems to have disappeared and you no longer feel it even when sexually aroused.
  4. A decreased sexual drive.
  5. A reduction in the size of the clitoris
  6. The clitoris may appear pale from a lack of blood flow.

So, what can I do about a numb clitoris?

There is no formal diagnosis for a numb clitoris. However, there are certain treatments that can be prescribed by a doctor after physical examination. A blood test to check hormone levels can also be carried out in line.

The right treatment for clitoral atrophy depends on the underlying cause. Here are some options for treating a numb clitoris:

1. Masturbation

Stimulating the clitoris regularly through regular masturbation helps promote blood flow to the clitoris. Using sex toys like vibrators can improve sexual arousal and increase blood flow in the clitoris. The Mahogany clitoral suction toy is a good toy to begin with it. This toy combines the vibrating and suction functions in one toy and is great for experimenting with different types of stimulation. Or mini clitoral toys like the Mahogany naughty girl clitoral vibe for stimulating the clitoris.

2. Use sexual stimulants

Sexual stimulants before sexual activity can increase sensation to the clitoris and get you sexually aroused for sex. Clit sensitizers and lubricants are sexual stimulants that increase sexual arousal by making the clitoris sensitive and ready for sex.

3. Try cardiovascular exercises

You can also keep the blood flowing by regular cardio exercises. Cardio exercises boost blood flow throughout the body: including the clitoris and vagina. Regular exercising can also keep the testosterone from dripping. Start moving today.

4. Try aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase sexual desire and sexual interest. They get you sexually stimulated and increase blood flow to the vagina. The Yoni lift tea is a proven organic aphrodisiac known for increasing arousal and gets the blood flowing to the vagina.

If you find yourself experiencing this, talk to your partner about it. A good relationship is built on honest communication. If clitoral orgasm has always been your go to then you should consider other forms of stimulation like the vaginal or g-spot orgasm. This may be a good time to experiment with the anal region. Take the focus off the orgasms and enjoy the time spent together and discover what pleasure means.

Live your best sex life!

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