Come with me on a ride into the world of magic wands!

Wands or magic wands as they are fondly called is one of the most dependable toy when looking at getting crazy intense clitoral orgasm! Magic wands are essentially for external use however, its versatility has been proven over the years with different techniques of climaxing with a wand.


Use as a vibrator with your dildo

Magic wands are multi-functional toys, You can attach your wand to the base of your non-vibrating dildo while the dildo is inside you and because wands are designed with intense vibration, You will feel it like crazy!

You can give it a ride!

Wands can be too intense for some people, so to enjoy your wand you can put it under your blanket/pillow and ride yourself to a mind blowing orgasm.

Use it on your man

Wands are not just for women. As shocking as it may seem you can take your man on a pleasure ride by massaging his perineum which is the area between his balls and his anus. Then if you want to make him go totally wild, do it while you are performing oral on him, his body will quiver in pleasure.

Involve a magic wand during penetration

Place a wand on her clit during penetration, the first speed is enough to make her squirt!

Body massage tool

Wands are great relaxation tools. You can use a wand on any part of your body that needs a quick massage. You will be surprised at how quickly this sex toy would have relieved you of your pain.

So from large head wands to travel size wands with special features, here is a list of the most trusted wands that will never disappoint you.

King Wand and Suction Vibrator

The king wand and suction vibrator is special for many reasons but most importantly three reasons.

  1. It has an air pressure suction feature under it that works independent of the wand on top of it.
  2. It is also travel sized! Imagine having this multifunctional toy in your travel pack? Amazing! you don’t have to pack too many toys as one toy is enough to pleasure you and your partner in case you did not travel alone.
  3. It is discreet! This cute little thing can be mistaken for your facial care tool!
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Lilo Wand Vibrator

Explore 10 functions of intense vibration with The Lilo Wand Vibrator. It is Rechargeable, Flexible neck lets you comfortably play in multiple positions, its 1.8” inch wide head fits more spots better than big wands. Also suitable for a pool or bath tub play as it is a 100% waterproof toy.

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Ball point Vibrating Clitoral Wand

This wand is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is also very intense! it is rechargeable and also 100% waterproof so you can play with it even in your bath tub. Its got several vibrating patterns and up to 10 speed of intense vibration

Ball point Vibrating Clitoral Wand

Mahogany’s Magic Wand Vibrator

The Mahogany’s Magic Wand Vibrator is a very powerful wand that has the traditional wand vibrator design with a slim mid for proper handling while the vibration is on. This wand is so intense yet very quiet, rechargeable and splash proof.

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