This is my confession, my encounter with Moyo. Moyo used to be my lover back in Spain, but coming back to Nigeria today, and I found out that Moyo was actually getting married to my sister this weekend. Does my sister know about my affair with Moyo? No. I won’t go into much deals, but in my confession, I will narrate what happened when Moyo came to visit me in my hotel room after I found out he was to be married to my sister.

“Why are you in my room?” I asked him.

Moyo couldn’t find his voice considering he had constantly repeated all he was going to say to me when he saw me, but now he couldn’t even say a word. He didn’t remember how he kept saying I needed to know my place and I could not ruin his wedding. I looked at him and I couldn’t stand his silence, it irritated me and since I believed I knew why he was in my room I decided to speak instead.

“You came here so I will not tell Toke all about our affairs in Spain right?”

“Yes, that’s the truth” he summoned courage to answer me.

To me that was a confession, that he was weak. I knew I could easily manipulate him after this confession.

“What are you willing to do in exchange of my silence?” I moved closer to him, so close we could feel each other’s breath. Moyo was standing with his back to my bed, he was confused at my question.

“What do mean by what am I willing to do in exchange for your silence?” he asked me, but I gave him no response.

I knew I had placed Moyo in a tight corner, I knew I had him just where I wanted, I smiled. I took in a deep breath and pushed him to bed and sat on him. I started to kiss his lips in a soft but passionate way, biting tenderly at the bottom of his lips. Usually my kisses are rough and hard, filled with intensity and desire, but not today, I wanted to have him in a different way than I had him before, I wanted to enjoy him the way my sister enjoys him, feel him the way she feels him. My thirst for vengeance grew stronger but I wasn’t going to let him go freely, at least not tonight. Mt kisses continued soft and sweetly, but thoughts of vengeance quickly escalated them into the rough and intense kisses Moyo remembered me with. My kisses grew fast and furious, filled with longing and desires, I bit harder into his lower lip, almost as if I wanted to draw blood, the intensity of my kisses parted his lips, sending wild tremor along his nerves, invoking from him sensations that only I was capable of arousing, and before a swimming giddiness spun his head round, he was kissing me back.

At first Moyo was confused, things had not gone the way he had planned, his plan was to come put me in my place, and ask me not to ruin his wedding with my sister, but now everything had taken a different turn. I had asked him what he was willing to give in exchange for my silence, and he could not comprehend my question. Instead he gave me a confession. Now I was sitting on him, with nothing but my bathrobe, kissing him with the same intensity I kissed him in Spain. He knew this was wrong, but he was weak and filled with longing.

He reached for me and pulled me towards him, matching his kisses with the same intensity as mine. I knotted my fist in his shirt pulling him harder against me, he groaned softly, from deep within his throat, and then his arms circled me, gathering me against him and we rolled over on the bed, still engaged in our lustful kisses.

Now on top of me, Moyo took a minute to do nothing but stare at me, admiring my beauty. But while Moyo was admiring my beauty, I took it upon herself to unbutton his shirt, I released his shirt from his body and ran my hands through his chest and abs. Moyo began to unbuckle his belt, never loosing eye contact with me as he removed his trouser. He got back on me and the kissing resumed. This time he took the lead, slowing the pace and enjoying every moment of it, savoring every taste of my lips, he seized the moment and separated the part of the bathrobe covering my breast. He placed his hands on my breast, squeezing my boobs like he was trying to squeeze out life from them. He brought his mouth to my left breast and started teasing my nipple with his tongue. While using his hand to engage my right breast, massaging and teasing the nipple with his fingers. I let out a moan, shut my eyes as I bit into my lower lip, moving my legs, already separated by his legs, to the rhythm of the pleasures created by him. The stream of sensations that flooded my body were warm and sweet, like milk and honey, causing a steady increase in my body temperature, beads of sweat formed round me, my vagina was already warm and moist, as I rubbed my thighs together. Moyo knew I was already wet, but he wanted to tease me some more, so he took his time before placing his index finger into my already soaked vagina. He used his thumb to massage my clitoris, and I let out a soft moan almost like a purr……..

To be continued.

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