This a heartfelt note to women all over the world.



A lot of us struggle with self love and acceptance. We put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and other women.

Society influences everything about women. All our lives, certain principles are forced upon us.  We are asked to behave a certain way, talk a certain way, do this and that.

Every woman is created unique. Our talents and interests may differ and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a contribution to the world.

Just like we need Mitchelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Christina Amanpour and Theresa May, we also need Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and the Kardashians.

There will be people like Nicki Minaj, Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis and Tyra Banks.

I SAY: Let a woman be whatever she wants to be!


A woman can be a combination of beauty, brains and a dash of sexy!.
A woman with tattoos and piercings doesn’t translate to her character or personality.

Stop letting society guilt you into believing that we must all follow the same path in life. We are all on a different journey.
Dear Woman, Do you! Pay no attention to these people who dictate how you should live.  We have a lot of misogynists and they want to make life choices for us.

They tell us : “Don’t dress this way”, “Don’t draw tattoos on your body”,  “Don’t wear leg chain”, “Excess piercings make you look cheap and less attractive”, etc.

Then they will add “No one wants to marry a woman who drinks like a fish, has tattoos and always goes to be club. She won’t find responsible men”
I find statements like these very silly.

Some of these men with their crazy opinions are hypocrites who never take their own advice. These men are exempted from bad behavior and yet forbid women to have fun.

The hypocrisy in this world is ridiculous.
Being a man gives them an entitlement to CHOICE but a woman should be GUIDED?


Allow every woman to be authentic and true to themselves.
Don’t tell women how they should be. Don’t make boxes and put us inside. We are not properties to be acquired.
For example, some girls are masculine in nature. There is nothing wrong with that. A lot of them make good engineers.

Put an end to sterotypes.
No RIGID gender or beauty standards should be accepted.
Live and let live.
The world is enough for us all.


I will end this empowering letter with an anonymous quote;


Darling, open your eyes.

You are not made up of those words that hurt you.

Or that number on the scale.

Or the expectations that you feel you will never meet.

You are made up of nothing more than you.

Simply, beautifully, wonderfully, uniquely you.

You are a lovely and complex soul.

An individually fascinating combination of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions.

No other is as beautiful as you. Look past the mirror.

Look at your soul.

Only then will you see yourself as you truly are. Beautiful.

So smile! And don’t forget to love yourself.


All my love,


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  • Ada
    Posted at 20:42h, 10 September Reply

    True words!!

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