Did You Know: Alcohol Affects Men and Women Differently on a Date?

[dropcap size=big]s[/dropcap]o you’re on a date that seems to be  going really great and even better and better after the first drink. You’re leaning in to him, touching arms and brushing your body against his. Your smile is getting wider by the minute and you can’t stop laughing at everything he says.

Scientifically, that’s the general reaction expected from women when they drink while on a date. Little wonder why girls seem to get nicer and flirt better after a drink. Also why men with not-so-good intentions tend to ply women with drinks to “loosen them up”.

Sad truth is, the reverse is the case for men. According to recent research, men tend to feel less “intimate” and may even become withdrawn after drinking. This reaction may not be exactly noticeable to the alcohol-excited girl.

What this could mean

Is this why men find it harder to climax after drinking? Is it why they tend to last longer?

Also, is this why women tend to enjoy sex more after a glass of wine? Is this why our chances of multiple orgasms shoot up higher after a good dose of alcohol?

What we think it should mean

We think this should mean no heavy drinking on dates with strangers. Not that you can’t handle yourself and your drink, but it gets harder to withdraw consent or clearly give consent when you are under the influence.

Also, no heavy drinking with men we would rather not get in bed with or around people we are not comfortable with or don’t feel safe with.

Take care of yourself, ladies

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