Every form of sex is an art, every style and position is an art. There is something beautiful about every sexual encounter, and each sexual encounter tells its own story. What differentiate casual sex and love making is the manner at which each art is performed. There is a huge difference between casual sex and lovemaking. Just like in art or painting, some paintings are worth more than other, some are masterpiece and sold at a very high cost, or even kept at the museum for safe keeping, while others are not worthy to be called a masterpiece. Sex is just like that. casual sex and lovemakingSo What Makes Casual Sex And Lovemaking Different?

  • CONNECTION:casual sex and lovemaking

With casual sex, no connection is required, unlike lovemaking. Casual sex can happen anytime at anywhere with anybody. But love making is not the same. There has to be a connection, like a chemistry between both parties. You could have a one night stand, and that could be the best sex of your life, but it is still casual sex, because there was no previous chemistry between both parties.


In love making, emotions are attached, that is why it is called LOVEMAKING, there is love, and there is passion. But don’t get confused, you could still have casual sex with the one you are in love with. Most quickies are usually casual sex. But in lovemaking, there is usually a buildup of emotions and feelings.

  • EXPLORATION:casual sex and lovemaking

In casual sex, there is usually little or no exploration of the body for both parties. Couples or partners engaging in casual sex are usually all about penetration, so little time is giving to the act of foreplay. But during lovemaking, you would want to explore every inch of your partner’s body. So foreplay is usually longer and intense. Casual sex is more about the penetration, lovemaking is more about the exploration.


Orgasm is most certain for both parties during lovemaking than during casual sex. Mainly because of the intensity of the foreplay, most people might even get an orgasm before the penetration. In casual sex, orgasm is not guaranteed. Both parties may actually enjoy the rump of casual sex, but neither might actually have an orgasm.


Lovemaking doesn’t just happen, there has to be an occasion or a reason. Casual sex is regular. Love making usually come with a reason or a celebration. Make up sex, anniversary sex could all be love making, but they could also be casual sex. If the sex is carried out in a manner where it become meaningless, without connection, emotions, and exploration, it becomes casual sex.


In lovemaking, there is always a sense of fulfillment and gratification. Lovemaking brings a form of reassurance into the relationship for both party, casual sex lacks this ability. Like I said earlier, love making comes with emotions that could bring up the sense of fulfillment and gratification that gives an assurance to your relationship. Casual sex lacks this ability.

Whether it’s missionary style or doggy style or even cowgirl sex position, it really doesn’t matter in casual sex or lovemaking. Any position works for both casual sex and lovemaking. All sex can be casual sex, but not all sex can be love making. So now you know the difference between casual sex and lovemaking.


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