Women have unique change in behavior or attitude when going through a break up. So I have compiled some attitudes or behaviors which some of us might be able to relate with, just for fun. Enjoy!!!

The ones that will eat anything they can lay their hands on. Stress eating is their own coping mechanism.The ones that will behave as if everything is okay, meanwhile they are boiling inside like a volcano that is about to erupt.The ones that will shift the anger to everyone around them, like it’s everybody’s fault the relationship didn’t work out.The ones that will refuse to face reality.  They won’t just accept the breakup, “he’s just joking, he will come back.”The ones that will turn stalkers. They will make it their second profession to stalk their exes live. They will even stalk his new bae and every other friends and family. Beware of these ones.The ones that will take everything to God in prayer. You can’t break up with these ones and go free, God must fight their battle.The ones that will seek revenge immediately. These ones have no chill, and once they get their revenge, it’s goodbye to bad rubbish. Either they destroy your car or burn all your clothes. They must do something.The ones that will drink their way through. I can’t blame them, after planning their wedding with you, and naming all the kids you were supposed to have together, you now ruin their dreams, where will they start from now?The ones that will report you to everyone you both know, they will even call family meeting on you. They will report you to your mother, their pastor, and all your friends. Especially if everybody has started called her your wife. It is no longer breakup, it is now divorce.The ones that won’t stop crying until they meet a new guy. These ones will lose all hope in life and becomes miserable, until someone takes them away from their misery.The ones that will continue with their lives like nothing happened, because you didn’t mean shit to them in the first place.The ones that will become depressed and suicidal. These ones probably go through all the phase listed here, so you need to be careful.The ones that will bad mouth you to all her friends and all over social media, and get her clique to come for you.So tell me soul sister, which one are you?

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