Continued from: Dipped in Milk pt 1.

Bright came in looking puzzled, I was so sure in her mind she was wondering what on earth was going on. Leah signaled to me to do something, but I was too mortified to even move. To my surprise, Bright walked straight into her room like she had seen nothing.

Next Leah came over to me and kissed me, her hands caressing the soft, dark skin of my neck. I sucked at her beautiful thick lips, as her hands move down to tease my sensitive nipples, now hard and extended with excitement.

She began to fondle one ripe young breast of mine, she reached up to kiss my neck, making me moan with pleasure. I parted my knees, then squeezed them together, half crossing my legs. We both knew what I was feeling, it was that beautiful tingle between my thighs, and I was squeezing my legs together to enhance the sensation.

Next she climbed up to straddle my laps, and began to kiss me more urgently, gripping my face with both hands. Leah broke from our thirsty kisses, and softly asked that I gave her a moment. I was going to ask where she was going to, but she disappeared quickly, only to reappear again with the remaining cans of milk belonging to Bright.

Soon Leah began to take off my shirt and bra, then she poured milk all over my breast just like I did to her. She reached down to caress my breast with her lips and tongue, while lovingly, kneading and squeezing the other breast, while teasing the nipples with her tongue and forefinger. She licked and sucked on my breast gently, making me moan with pleasure, then she began to part my legs to allow her inquisitive free hand explore me.

She unzipped my skirt, and slid it down off my hips and over my thighs to reveal my panties. Then she poured milk in my mouth and resumed kissing me urgently. She started massaging my labia with her thumb and also teasing my clitoris, I moved my hips in sympathy with her inquisitive fingers. A soft purr escaped from me as I tossed my head from side to side trying to control my senses.

Next Leah poured milk from my thighs down to my pussy. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that she was enjoying the way the milk traveled through my thighs. I crossed my legs, trying to squeeze them together, but Leah spanked my thighs and separated my legs again. Then she got down to her knees, and I could feel as her tongue flick at my labia. I was already dripping wet, pussy juice and milk, was such a delicious combo.

Leah had such a beautiful long tongue which she extended like a short thick cock sticking out of her mouth. The way she used her tongue to divide my labia, lapping my clitoris was exhilarating. I slowly tilted my head, enjoying the sensations, while Leah’s tongue performed its magic. Next I felt Leah’s fingers enter me.

First it was one finger, then the other followed, lastly the third finger penetrated me, and she fingered me to ecstasy. Her tongue doing magic to my clits, her fingers stroking and hitting my spot. All I could do was knead and massage my breast, which were still slimy with milk. Suddenly I started breathing more heavily with each passing second, gasping and panting, until I let out a loud cry. I had reach my climax, and Leah was in no doubt that she had performed her magic.



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