Do You Love Your Skin?

Well, you should.

All through our lives, beauty remains a moderate to manic obsession for us women, and as we mature and grow into our skin and our features become more pronounced, it becomes a constant preoccupation.

Big cosmetics company have been cashing out on this preoccupation for years, making billions of dollars every year. They feed fat off our obsession with looking good, and our little insecurities. Now, weirdly enough, these companies have moved from fulfilling our beauty needs to “creating” needs for us. Now we have new skin insecurities that we didn’t have before and we cringe in horror every time we see a small blemish or a flaw. 

All that aside, the truth about flawless beauty is simple: It is impossible to achieve. Why? Because the human eyes (mind) is trained to identify flaws and negativity first. This means we will always find one new flaw, one new spot to correct.  Added to that is the false, Photoshop-ed beauty standards we see on Instagram and begin to pine for.

This craze for the perfect skin pushes us into experimenting with new products an average of six (6) times a year!

Do you know what trying out new products every month does to your skin? Our obsession with perfection; spotless skin, brighter complexion, evenly toned skin, is never ending and sadly it distracts us from appreciating the skin we have now. In fact, trying out too much products damages the skin more than it improves it.

What i’m getting at in essence is this; to love your skin the right way, you have to accept your skin tone, your oily skin, your dry skin, your freckles, your stretchmarks, your large pores. You have to accept everything and work with it.

To love your skin, you have to shun fake standards, turn away from glossed-over pictures, picture perfect skin and all the other fakery all over social media. You have to stop trying to “correct” your skin like it is a mistake.

To love your skin, you have to make healthy choices, long-term healthy routines that will help you maintain your complexion and skin tone as you grow older. This means you have to shun “quick” “fast” “instant” actions that damage your long-term skin goals.

Remember, grooming is a sign of responsibility but bad grooming is simply distasteful. 

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