Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?

To start with, you may be happy to know that humans have the largest penis of any primate. Good news, right?

The real concern with penis size however is in relation to other humans. Men and women both seem to care about penis size for varying reasons; men mostly because of insecurity and self image, women mostly because of sexual pleasure.

The big question though is, why does penis size really matter? 

We will answer that with some science and a few fun, but realistic facts:

Science says…

Yes. Size does matter. It matters because it affects how men and women enjoy sex and whether or not they can achieve sexual orgasm together.

For a man…

Wielding a bigger penis can go a long way in boosting both his confidence and libido, even before he thinks of sex. Knowing that their penis size is above average, if not exactly big, encourages a high  number of men to have more sex. It also helps them relax and enjoy the act, and may help them last longer.

Performance anxiety and other erectile dysfunctions can sometimes be linked to penis size and self image issues. Worrying about their penis size causes some men to find it harder to gt it up, and when they manage to achieve an erection, they want to rush through the act and get it over with quickly.

For women…

Penis size matters only matters for three simple but logical reasons:

  1. Is it nice to look at? (this is hardly about girth or length)
  2.  Will it hurt? (because we would rather not, if it would mean begging for it to end)
  3. Can he use it (no point in carrying it around if it does nothing)

That’s all.

The truth is, size is hardly the first thing anyone you meet will worry about (except it’s a one night stand). After all, you can hardly start a meaningful relationship with anyone because of their penis size.

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