Doing Kegel right cont

Now that we already talked about where the puboccocygeal muscle is and how it contributes to kegel exercises in part 1, we are going to take things a notch higher.

Gradually tense the PC muscle for five seconds, hold for another five, and release for a last count of five. You should be able to feel your PC muscle. Insert the tip of your little finger into your vagina just one-half of an inch.

Do this regularly;))

Slowly push in and then push out. Try doing two of these to start, three times a day, and work up to ten. Do this in addition to twenty fast flexes I.e just tense and release without holding. It may sound simple, but it does take a good deal of stamina so allow yourself at a minimum two to three weeks to work up to the full complement. The contribution these kegel exercises make is not only useful to sexual pleasure but also to pelvic-genital health. So please, place the work you are doing in a total, lifetime context and continue to do your flexes along with other practices of good personal self-care and hygiene on a daily basis.

Hygiene and safety

Make sure you have cleaned your hands in advance and are not wearing any perfume, rings, or bracelets that will slide up and down your arm. Also, do not use manicured nails or long nails. Insert the tip of your little finger into your vagina just one-half of an inch (about one knuckleā€™s worth). Sensuously tighten your PC muscle around your fingertip and then relax it again, just as you did the flex and release in the previous exercises. Do twenty repetitions in this manner. See if you can insert your fingertip up to an inch (up to the second knuckle). Again, tighten and then release the PC muscle twenty times.

Now see if you can insert your finger all the way up to the last knuckle. Again, flex and release for a series of twenty flexes. Work your way in this three phase per finger process through each finger on your hand.

Take it easy and breathe;

If at any time you get nervous, stop, focus on your breathing, remind yourself that what you are doing is good and natural, and see if you can start again. If you feel pain or if these actions stimulate any fears or uncomfortable memories you might have of an incident in your past, stop immediately and do not start again until you have consulted with a physician or a therapist.

Kegel balls;

Find a position you’re comfortable in, be it sitting or standing. Insert the kegel balls and gently push them into your vaginal opening and stop just as they’re completely in. Close your legs to help keep them in place then begin your flexes. You can buy kegel balls at the shop.

So whenever you find yourself in that difficult situation, feel free to enjoy the benefits of kegel. It reduces anxiety and makes you a happier person.

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