Enigmatic FKA TWIGS Is A Soul Charmer

29-year-old English singer, songwriter, record producer, director and dancer FKA TWIGS continues to dazzle with her unique style in the world of music and fashion.
She isn’t afraid to speak her mind or express her thoughts and has captured our hearts for refusing to let society define her.


Twigs got her start as a backup dancer; before she branched off into her own music career, she was one of the main featured dancers in Jessie J’s video for “Do It Like A Dude.”
Twigs has long resented being recognized in public as “that girl in that music video,” so she wrote a song about it on LP 1, called “Video Girl.”
One of the things we love most about FKA TWIGS is her hair! She plays with numerous hairstyles including braids, buns, dreads and everything in between.
Her fashion style and trend setting outfits is great eye candy.

soul goddess
She still posts videos of her rehearsing in the dance studio to her Instagram account, thus proving that she’s just as talented at dancing as she is at singing.
This sensual beauty is a very interpretive dancer who owns her sexuality, Self-expression at its finest.


Here is our favourite quote from FKA TWIGS
‘‘I’m a very free woman, and maybe freedom is erotic in that way. Maybe it’s conceived of as something dangerous, and dangerous – in that creative and wild way – is sensuous and erotic. For me it’s more about making what I feel, but there’s always a reason, a level of integrity and classical expression in what I do.’’

Cheers to freedom and self acceptance. Go girl!

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