Ever Heard of a Rainbow Kiss?

Everyone loves to kiss, it`s one of the most sensual way of expressing how
you feel, a kiss on the forehead, a peck or even the most romantic of all;
the French kiss. But a Rainbow kiss?

That moment when your arms are wrapped around your lover`s
neck, and your tongue buried in his mouth, twirling and exploring with your
lips wrapped into each other, before his tongue dances on your tongue and
you do the tongue kissing just like the one Nicki and Meek did in their
music video “All Eyes On Me” while you try hard to suppress that moan just
like I’m trying to. If you got this picture, hope it was with closed eyes
and you biting those sexy lips, but you might not be any longer.

What comes to your mind when you hear of rainbow kiss, a colourful act
right? Hehehe! Well, a rainbow kiss is when a guy goes down on a girl when she is in
her period and when he is done the girl goes down on
him and gets cum in her mouth and when they both have cum/blood in their
mouth, they kiss each other. Yuck!

Who invented this stuff?

This fetish is a no, hell no! Baby boy, you should be eager to take my juice any
time of the year BUT not those five special days. I just want to bask in
the euphoria of my sadness and have mood swings. But, sweetheart you can`t
comman be giving me pleasure on a day like that and expect me to take back
that juice with you. No love, please don’t do that.

When I came across this for the first time I had to agree that this was
the most disgusting fetish I had ever seen. Sex on your period is a yay for
me even though some persons find it disgusting but this is EXTREME! I know
you had images of what a rainbow kiss looked like, same as I did too.

My period is still the most sensitive part of my life and no I won`t let
ANYONE go down on me then. MBA! Sounds a ritual something. Yuck! i hope I ruined it for you?


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