F****ing Valentine 2 – by Ose Osasenaga

Continued from Fun, Foxy Valentine Issue

Oh Brian was this typical bad boy I met during my short breaks from school. I had taken a taxi from the main road then he offered to give me a lift in a BMW that wasn’t his.

Yes I knew his type. That car was probably daddy’s car, and he was mortified that I wasn’t impressed.

“I don’t take rides with random strangers, who happen to drive daddy’s car” I said and left him looking like a fool.

I was out of the taxi, ringing on the bell of the house gate, when I noticed the same BMW coming right at me in full speed, just two poles away. I quickly ran into my compound and shut the gate. I peeped through the openings in the gate, and this rude boy was standing right there, totally oblivious that he could be charged for stalking.


That was Brian; daring, naughty, clueless!

After that day, he became a regular caller at my gate and we became friends .At first he wanted a relationship desperately and tried to lure me into his bed several times .He didn’t care if we were in my family house or his, he would always try. When he realized it wasn’t happening, he resorted to being just a friend. Brian indeed became like family. He attended all our family functions from weddings, to birthdays. He would always show up, even when I wasn’t there. We quickly grew on each other. He resorted to calling me his best friend and loved the advice I had to offer every now and then. I encouraged him to set up a business, following a failed attempt to travel abroad. We set up a male clothing store and itbegan to flourish. At first he was shy running a business he termed as “not manly” but over time he began to enjoy it and I moved on to other things. I learnt to respect him even though I wasn’t pleased with some of his life decisions but he was a lifetime friend, reserved, matured and surprisingly fatherly for a “bad boy “.


So it was that Brian came to mind, when it was time to make a major decision about my sex life.

It was the valentine of 2009, Lara a 25yrs old virgin , was tired of her hymen…It has to go…

He invited me over for a sleepover in his new house. He had recently moved out from his parent’s home, to this new house owned by his elder brother in France. He had helped supervised the building from start.


I knew he had plans but I had some of my own. He started drinking as soon as I arrived. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I joined in for a little buzz. He started telling me how much I hated Nigeria   , and why the clothing store wasn’t enough and I nodded along.  After a while he said ” You know I was out with my friends all day drinking and stuff. This is not my first drink, I just wanted to end my day with you….Please drink and be merry”. He lit a cigarette, and I asked for one too. We didn’t judge each other and he was someone I could be naughty with, but shockingly he declined.


This wasn’t our first time smoking together, but he looked at me with his bulgy eyes and said no.

“Why do you want to be a bad girl Lara? I Brian taught you how to smoke and drink, just because I thought it’ll make you less uptight, and bring us closer,  but nothing has changed. You friendzoned me for years. I love you! Can’t you just forget about my little flaws and marry me? Am I so poor? .I know you’re intelligent,  you ‘ve big dreams,  but I can be that person , if you support me. There’s no hope here for me, I don’t like this country. I’ll try my luck again, I’ll leave this hell hole. I’ll come for you. Give me a chance. I don’t want to be just friends, I love you….Give me a chance joor “. He kept ranting. His had started to speech slur.


I took a good look at Brian. We looked so much alike; same skin tone, big sexy eyes, same taste in fashion and the good things of life. I realized we could actually pass for siblings. The major issue was the fact that Brian dropped out of the university the year we met. He abandoned his academics to go to Europe, and he ended up deported.  I mean I Lara, couldn’t end up with a drop out!. I deserved so much more. I’ve worked too hard, to end up a mediocre!


So I let him rant…


“You know what Brian, you’re drunk….It’s valentine, let’s play some music yaaa!”

P square was blaring off on the sound system and the thought of Misan crossed my mind. I had gotten a simple “happy Valentine’s” text from him earlier.  Misan was rough on the edges, but he seemed willing to learn. He was in school and had a good business. I knew in another few years, he would be a graduate. Unlike Brian who had no faith in the Nigerian system at all.


Brian came closer, sat beside me on the sofa, pulled me on top of him, and  whispered into my ears, his voice husky with emotions and alcohol  ” Lara,  marry me , it’s not hard. Brother Scott promised to sponsor the wedding and give us this house, if you agree to marry me. He said we could stay here  for as long as we want, until I can build my house. Stop looking down on me. You think I don’t notice how you look at me sometimes? Please make me happy . Let’s make cute babies. Stop pretending, I know you love me too”.


I pushed myself away from him, I was a bit irritated by his drunken rants. I wasn’t one of those ladies, who lost their heads on hearing marriage.


“Stop Brian! What is wrong with you? I’m not your type. I ‘ve seen all the wayward street girls you ‘ve dated, haven’t we been friends for years? I never judged your choices  , but I refuse to join that classless list of the girls you date. You’re not my type. I deserve better than this your nonsense “my brother this my brother that”. I want way more than this mediocre life you’re promising”


He looked at me lazily. He was hardly moved by my harsh words. He knew me and how much I loved being a drama queen. “But we are here together on Valentine’s day , doesn’t that mean anything to you, madam high class?”   Gosh I loved him. He always knew the right comeback to give.


“I feel like vomiting, bucket please!” He gagged his mouth with his left palm and I ran into the bathroom to get him a bucket. He shamelessly threw up in front of me and I cleaned him up and helped him to bed.


“You know what Brian, it’s time to sleep, fucking drunk”


I went back to the sofa in the waiting room, covered up with a blanket and tried to sleep. It wasn’t going to happen tonight. I was in his boxers and T-shirt. It smelled just like his signature Versace cologne. The one I had grown to love. I thought about how complex my love life was, how much more I wanted, before I drifted off to sleep.


It must have been around 11pm when I felt familiar hands rubbing my thighs gently. It was Brian coming on to me and I knew I wasn’t going to stop him. So I let him play with me kiss me, pull off the boxers and dug his head in between my thighs. He dug into my vagina like a hungry dog guarding his bone. It felt so good! He pulled off his pyjamas, staggering a bit. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen Brian stack naked…He had walked out of the shower in front me several times before. He had no shame.  But tonight was different, he was hard as life and his average sized penis stretched out like a gun…It was a funny silhouette in the dimly lit room.

He came on top of me. Our bodies warm against each other. Hip to hip, chest to chest. I couldn’t move. This was a semi drunk Brian finally having his way after years of been teased by me. I was happy for him, but sad for myself. I was using him.


I felt him sliding through my wetness and I started second guessing myself. I tried to push him off, to warn him at least of my virginity, but it was too late. With one swift thrust, like being stabbed with a knife, I felt it. I screamed! It hurt so badly! He pulled away quickly, terrified by scream.

“What is going on? Why can’t I go in fully? You are closing you legs tight. Screaming on top of your voice, and waking up my neighbors. I knew this your silence all through this foreplay meant something…ah it was a set up! You’re a naughty girl!”


I realized this fool had no idea, he was still drunk and the last thing he could think of was virginity. He couldn’t even imagine that was the case.


I felt something flowing down my thighs and I knew I was bleeding but I smiled mischief and put on my best Marilyn Monroe smile. It was exciting that this fucking hymen was out of my way.


“Come on baby, did I startle you? let’s try again. I promise I won’t scream. Don’t be frightened but be slow this time” I was in charge!

He came in again and slowly kept thrusting. I felt pains but I covered my mouth to stop my painful tears. It hurt so badly. No one should ever go through this. I was pissed at God. Why make everything about a woman so hard and painful?


But I knew one thing; I didn’t want Brian to know he was my first. The last thing I wanted was him clinging on to me like a lost puppy.


I looked up at the wall clock. It was midnight.

I cleaned the sofa of any trace of blood, before he woke up the next day. Took a hot bath, dressed up and hurried home to nurse my wounds. It was February 15th, and I was officially a woman!

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