First Dates

Hi.. I'm home alone and I'm bored as hell. I'm hoping I'll have something meaningful to say at the end of this post so pls be patient when you read this.

I've been thinking about the way ladies dress up for a first date. Uhmm,this might be because I'm having one tomorrow with this super sweet guy and I don't know what to wear. I'm here wondering which is better: to look sexy/hot or just calm and confindent? I've been on many dates where the guy wouldn't even get father than my chest in the first once-over. And most times they'll just stay glued to it for the entire time. Some guys would even "ask" specifically for a hot look. Then the whole conversation would be about sex or sex-related.

Lately,I went on a date,a first date,with this guy I'd never seen before.. Trust me,blind dates are evil. There's no way I can explain my shock,shame and horror in words. He had beady eyes and burnt-black skin and a pot-belly that heaved everytime he breathes. His mouth never stopped moving the whole time..he was either smoking,eating or talking non-stop. And he was a hugger! Good Lord! I was completely paralysed in his prescence. Oh and then he had this REALLY annoying habit of mimicking other people! Choi! My ears itch! I have never been so sorry in my life.

Then there are these first dates you go on with a new guy,possibly one who you've known physically for a long time…and u end up with two of his friends when you were hoping for some alone time to bond. Most times these intruders don't know when to shut it. Some would even start saying stuffs like "he's been telling us about you" "and oh,you should come over sometime,he's a great guy" blah blah..pfft! You end up smiling all evening or frowning like you have poop in ur mouth. Either way,you go home angry.

And oh Lord! Those dates that starts divine till he starts groping you, or his phone starts and continues ringing,or the food is ‎bad,or there's no electricity,or you suddenly want to shit and you have to sit tight and let your face smile and try not to make any sudden movements,or he's complaining about everything,or won't even talk at all! Aaaarrrgh! I swear,I don't know which is worse. Thinking of all the ‎bad first-dates I've had,lol..hilarious as hell. Oh wait! Those dates you go on and you meet his very hot,extremely sexy friend and you start having sex with him in your head while you're trying to smile and be polite? Phew!

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  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 08:22h, 17 August Reply

    Damn,you definitely are baaaaaaaad.LOL

    Anyway,just go out and dress anyway you'd feel comfortable in,that's always the best way.If you feel comfortable,you'd definitely feel confident and in control.That's my 2 cents/kobo tho.

  • Biola Ojo
    Posted at 04:42h, 18 August Reply

    Lol.. Ur 2kobo feels like a million dollars to me. Tnx. Kisses

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