First Time Lesbians

Kike was a regular, budding 16year-old. Her boobs were more than a handful and dangled recklessly in her school uniform. Her school uniform was a pinafore worn over a short-sleeved blouse. There was no room for cleavage but her breasts didn’t need any more introductions. She wore nothing beneath that blouse. Sometimes, she wore nothing down below too.

Her school was an only-girls school and hundreds of kilometers away from her house. She had been in the hostel for 5years until recently. Her newly wedded sister moved into an estate just on the same road as her school. Although, her parents could afford it, she didn’t want to be in the hostel anymore. She wanted out. But she wasn’t craving freedom from boarding school. She wanted to get as far away from her best friend as possible.

Her best friend, Amaka, was a transfer student. She had previously been in a school up north but had to move with her mom to Lagos and into the hostel ’cause her mother was never home. Amaka was the physical opposite of Kike. Kike was of average height and curved in every possible way. Amaka had a boy’s height and chest but very wide hips. But they were both very pretty.

Kike loved her friend dearly but she couldn’t stand being with her alone sometimes. Amaka knew Kike was avoiding her and it amused her. She knew Kike was leaving the hostel but didn’t mind. It was a perfect arrangement for them even if Kike didn’t know it yet. She helped Kike pack her bags, stood at the door while Kike washed her glorious body, saw her off to the gate where she took a cab to her sisters’.


For a week after Kike left the hostel, Amaka had been begging her mum to let her come home. When her mum finally agreed to let her come home for a weekend, Amaka was over the moon with joy. That Friday she packed almost nothing in her school bag and floated through her classes with barely contained excitement. After classes, she was the first out the school gate with her permit pegged to her pinafore.

She didn’t go home straightaway. She walked down the road to Kike’s estate and waited impatiently by the gate till she saw Kike approach. Their relatioship had been strained since Kike left the hostel and so she was genuinely surprised to find Amaka out of school and outside her estate. But she knew why Amaka was there. All she could manage to say was a ‘Hi’ and Amaka just smiled in reply.

They walked side by side into the estate without talking or touching. Kike felt blood rushing through her and nipples peak. She didn’t want to think of what Amaka could be thinking. She didn’t even want to look at her. Amaka was almost sprinting with delight. She had been waiting for this Friday since Kike started making plans to leave the hostel.


‘I can’t believe I’ve never tried on any of your clothes, Kike’ Amaka exclaimed. They were in Kike’s room.

‘Haha! None of my skirts or jeans would fit you o! That ur big yansh!’

‘What?! Which yansh?’ Amaka playfully but meaningfully lifted her pinafore up revealing flesh and nothing else.

Kike couldn’t speak and even though her friend was laughing she knew Amaka had meant to do that.

‘Don’t look at me like that. You’ve seen me nude before’ Amaka, taking her clothes off. ‘I want to bathe. Do you have water?’

Kike swallowed hard. ‘Yes. The bathroom’s over there’

‘Show me’

Amaka was enjoying this. She was stark naked. She had no boobs to be proud of but she knew Kike loved her skin and her ass.

Kike was in trouble. Her mouth was completely dry but she could feel her pussy flooding with want. She wanted this girl. She wanted to run her hands on that ass. She could not count the number of times she had touched herself to the image in front of her.

Amaka was watching her friend. She stepped forward. ‘Take off your clothes Kike. Please’ She begged. She stepped closer.

‘Don’t touch me. Please,Amaka.”

‘Why not?”

‘Please. This is wrong’

Amaka stepped forward and grabbed Kike breast in both hands through her blouse.

‘Just this one time. Please,Kike’

When she didn’t reply, Amaka began to take her clothes off slowly. Brushing her body against Kike.

‘Kiss me. Please. Amaka”

First she was shocked and then pleased. Amaka obeyed without thinking. She bent forward and kissed her friend slightly on the lips.

‘No. A proper kiss’ Kike said, impatient with want. She pulled Amaka head back to her and kissed her full on the mouth. Then she parted her friends lips with her tongue. She recognized the taste of vanilla yogurt and sighed. She wanted this. Right or wrong.

She pushed Amaka on the bed and bent to belly button. She knew how it was done. She had read about it in books. She wanted to make Amaka ache for her like she did for her. She wanted to taste her and see if she was just as wet for her.

Amaka was dazed and in shock. Kike was clawing at her body and nibbling her in places she had only imagined. She felt like she was soaring. She couldn’t contain herself when Kike lapped at pussy lips. She didn’t notice how loudly she was moaning. She pressed her crotch up into Kike’s face Kike felt wonderful. She couldn’t believe the effect she was having on Amaka. She couldn’t believe Amaka had so much juice up in her snatch and she couldn’t stop her tongue from licking and sucking her friends juicy clit. Unconsciously, she began to touch herself too. Rubbing gently at first and the frantically at her coochie

In her hurry to get off, she stopped paying proper attention to her friends snatch box. Amaka pushed her away and began to slap her her hand hard on her clit. All the while screaming obscenities to the ceiling with her back arched right.

Soon they were lying beside each other on the floor rubbing at their clits and moaning in unison. Amaka came first and squirted all over the carpet. She looked over at Kike and caught a perfect glimpse of her breasts rising and falling. She raised herself on her elbows and put her mouth gently on Kike’s breast.

That almost sent Kike off the cliff. She screamed in delight and held Amaka’s head in place with her free hand. Amaka squeezed Kike’s breasts together, putting both nipples in her mouth at the same time. Kike went into a frenzy.

‘Yes, Yes! Baby, yes!. Make me cum. Yea! Come on! Suck on me like that!’

Amaka obeyed with delight. She chewed, bit and suckled her friends breasts. Then she slipped two fingers inside her snatch and fucked her with it. It was too much for Kike. Almost immediately, her body began to quiver and shake and she was screaming on the top of her voice and squirting in her friends palm. Sistercaro

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    Um DiDi was here.. he came with the whole nine yards.. 😉

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    Posted at 22:01h, 02 November Reply

    Love it. Brilliantly written and 100% sensual

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    Nice one babe

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