Whatever kind of sex you may be into; the end result is achieving pleasure. Sex for a long duration is awesome, taking your time to work out the foreplay, getting teased and relaxed before the main event can be sexually satisfying. But, imagine if you had limited time to get it done with a person and get satisfied. Where do you start from to guarantee your satisfaction?
Female orgasm may require special skills to achieve but fortunately, it is possible through a quickie, as long as both partners involved are focused on mutual pleasure despite the time constraint. The idea of a quickie is almost forbidden, the excitement that comes with getting caught or not, makes it more interesting. Imagine having an orgasm while everyone is going about their work. If you are thinking of having a quickie, these are sex positions to try out that puts you one step closer to a tantalizing sex experience.

• Doggy position
This position is almost like the jollof rice of sex position for guys. This position provides a ton of friction and provides a direct G-spot stimulation for women. Through this position, your partner can deeply penetrate you from behind with each thrust. This position is hot and wild and can lead to faster orgasms.

• Standing position
There is something quite steamy about this sex position that I love so much. It’s wild and primal. You don’t have to go completely naked especially when considering the time factor. Having your partner penetrate you from behind while touching your toes is perfect. Bending over tightens your vaginal walls and he has quicker access to your clitoris.

• Cowgirl position
This is the queen of sex position for women. Kneel on top of him, pushing off his chest and sliding up and down his thighs or bouncing as the case may be. This is one of the fastest way to orgasm. This sex position is a major turn on for guys, especially after watching the woman’s bouncing bosom. You can also get clitoral stimulation from this position which in most cases guarantees the big O.

• Standing delivery
Perhaps there is a sexier name to call this awesome sex position. Stand and deliver or standing delivery is more complicated than the standing position. With your back on the wall, and your legs wrapped around your partner, giving you the feel of control with each thrust while you bounce.

• Scoop me up
This is the pretense sex position to me. This position hardly requires a lot of work but provides deep satisfaction. You and your partner lie on your sides facing the same direction. You bring your knees up slightly while he slides up behind your pelvis and enters you from behind. After a long stressful day or a lazy morning, this position gets you in the mood for some action.

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