The image of women keeping pubic hair is often not seen as sexy, women who carry excess pubic hair in their armpits or vaginal region are regarded as dirty. Removal of pubic hair amongst women is common in young women because the image of grown pubic hair is not considered sexy and lady like. But despite the unclean tag placed on keeping one’s pubic hair, there are compelling healthy reasons we should leave that hair growing below. So, hold on to that shaving tick a little longer and know why.

1. It lowers the risk of STIs
One of the functions the pubic hair performs is its ability to absorb and drain moisture away from areas that aren’t exposed. The pubic hair affects the skin membrane and removal of the pubic hair allows infections to easily enter the body. Shaving creates tiny cuts in the skin which can easily lead to STI. The U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that a study found pubic hair groomers have a higher rate of STIs.

2. It reduces the rate of yeast infections
The pubic hair acts as a gatekeeper and lowers the risk of yeast infection. Being itchy as a woman can be quite embarrassing but surprisingly pubic hair acts as a sponge and barrier to yeast infections. It controls moisture of the area which reduces the rate of yeast infection.

3. It absorbs sweat
Thinking of the best way to avoid a smelly or sweaty vagina is by allowing your pubic hair grow naturally below. Pubic hair absorbs sweat and keeps you smelling clean, dry and fresh. So, why don’t you let the pubic hair grow naturally and save yourself a lot of stress.

4. It protects against genital warts
Shaving your pubic hair doesn’t eradicate genital warts but it reduces the chance. It helps avoid skin on skin contact with someone who has it. Genital warts are located near or on the genital region. Warts appear as bumps or growths and the carriers of the warts may not know it exists, keeping your pubic hair can help protect against genital warts.

5. It regulates the body temperature
Hair generally on mammals helps to modify the body temperature and keep it warm. Your pubic hair is no exception; the groin tends to hold on to warmth more other parts of the body and keeping your bush healthy can help regulate body temperature.

Keeping the hair in your pubic region all grown can help in keeping your body healthy. So, before you buy your next shaving stick and remove all the growing hair in that region below, you may want to consider the following benefits listed above and trim off the hair instead.

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