The vagina smell has always been a serious problem amongst women and with a change in the smell we are worried if our partner will notice, or maybe we are at the risk of having an STI or any sort of infection.
There are certain things that can alter the smell in your vagina without putting you at any health risk. The vagina is not a scented flower and so should not be expected to smell like one, although a strong fishy odor may be a sign that you need to see a doctor. Here are some of the reasons your vagina smell may be tampered with:
1. Your diet
Eating healthy is as good for your body as your cookie jar. Foods that are high in sugar or produce an offensive smell such as ginger and asparagus amongst others can affect the smell of your vagina, causing you to sweat more below which alters the smell in your vagina smell.
2. Menstrual cycle
We all dread that time of the month (except you had unprotected sex) because periods come with a lot of changes in our system and the way our vagina smells is one of them. The good news is that the smell is normally subtle and in-between cramps and the scent of solidified blood, you wouldn’t pay it much notice. And it’s completely harmless regardless.
3. Your underwear
Your underwear is the closest thing to your vagina all your life. The type of underwear worn can affect the change in the smell from your vagina. Silk, satin, thongs can be hotties, but to keep your vagina smelling fresh, a little dash of cotton can work wonders when it comes to the smell of your vagina.
4. An Infection
This is the most obvious reason why your vagina smell can go from the natural to the unpleasant. Yeast, bacterial infections or STIs can cause a drastic change in the way the vagina smells. The particular odor emanating from an infection is unpleasant and pungent and should not be ignored because if not treated will not go away.
5. Semen
This is the after sex smell, it’s harmless and normal. It happens because the high pH level of the semen collides with the acidity of the vagina. This can go away after you take a shower.

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