The connection between food and sex makes perfect sense. They are nourishing, sensual and deeply satisfying meals in different ways. *winks*.  (I hope you get the picture). Food in the bedroom can either be really sexy or not sexy at all depending on how you use it. Food play engages so many senses in the body at once (touch, smell, taste, sight, feel) and is a great addition to the bedroom because of the many possibilities it offers during use.

Bringing the kitchen into the bedroom can bring back the adventure into your sex life. Food play is one of the most exciting ways to rev up your sex life. However, keep in mind that not everyone is into sex and food play, so you may want to discuss with your partner before you surprise them with any kind of food in the bedroom. Once you are both on the same page, here are some tips you should know before using food in the bedroom for sex.

3 tips to know before trying food play in the bedroom

  1. Use towels or wipes for the surface

Food play can get really messy. Playing with chocolate, whipped cream and so on can make the sheets really dirty. So if you don’t want to ruin your bed sheets, lay sheets or towels that you don’t mind getting dirty. Invest in some baby wipes in order to keep your bodies and the area to be used clean as possible.

2. Keep foods away from the vagina

The only thing allowed into the vagina is organic lubes. Foods in the vagina can disrupt the PH balance of the vagina exposing it to infections or skin irritations. Keep food play above the waist and if you decide to go below, don’t go close to the privates.

3. Don’t use foods as toys

Foods like banana and cucumber can be tempting to substitute as a sex toy to be used in the vagina. But, please resist the temptation to insert any food into the vagina as a replacement for a toy. A cucumber breaking in the vagina definitely takes the fun out of the play.

Knowing the unspoken rules for sex play can help you use food the right way in the bedroom for a more exciting use of food play during sex.

How to use food during sex in the bedroom

1. Eat chocolate off your partner’s body

This old tradition is known as Nyotaimori , common to the Japanese. It’s the art of eating sushi off a naked body for pleasure. Start by sucking some foods off your lover’s body parts like you would eat sushi or even better. Turn your lover into a tasty treat with focus on the erogenous zones. Splatter chocolate on their neck, nipples, navel, and breasts all over their body. If your partner is female, be careful not to take the chocolate close to their vagina.

2. Play a blindfolding game with edible body butter

Excite your partner’s sense of sight by adding blindfolds to the mix during food play. Opt for foods that have different flavors like the edible body butter. Lather all over your body and leave your partner guessing what you are eating off their body while you at it. Take your time as you land on their penis and give them a blow job or eat them out. If they have a vagina be careful not to allow the butter in to avoid an infection. You can include a reward for every correct guess. Your choice.

3. Have a kissing competition with cherries

You can replace cherries with strawberries or any fruit that makes food play risqué and sexy. To create a healthy sexual tension before you begin, rub the cherry over your erogenous zones and make sure your partner is looking. Pop the cherry in your mouth, slowly roll your tongue over it, and maintain eye contact throughout while you are at it to show you enjoy doing it.

Now it’s time for the kissing test, tie a cherry stem in knot with your tongues and hold it in. You can tangle and untangle the foods with your tongues. Keep it hands free for more fun and see how the excitement builds up.

4. Oral sex with ice cream

Food makes oral sex more pleasurable when done right. For ladies this can be tricky especially when it comes to allowing foods in the vagina. Here, your partner of the opposite sex can take the lead. Splatter the penis with ice cream down to the balls. And eat every drop of the ice cream like you would eat your favorite ice cream.

5. Write love messages with body toppings

Have a message for your partner? Inscribe love messages on your partner’s erogenous zones with chocolate syrup. Have them guess every word and make sure there is a reward for it. Chocolate paint is drippy like paint. Focus on larger areas like the abdomen, butt or stomach to splash their initials, hearts or messages. This topping comes on sweet and off sweeter.


6. Massage your partner with edible massage oil

Give your partner a sensual and enticing massage with edible massage oil. You can use it to transition to oral sex by drawing imaginary sexy lines from your partner’s chest in enticing circles to rest above their genitals. Massage the oil deep into their skin until they are relaxed. If your partner is okay with toys in the bedroom, you can add a wand vibrator to spice up the play. From foreplay you can start something more exciting.

Here’s how to give a sensual massage

7. Try temperature play with grapes

Temperature play is a fun way to stimulate your sense of smell and taste. Grapes can act as an erotic and uplifting scent for aromatherapy. Frozen grapes are sensual even without foreplay. Keep your grapes frozen overnight; you want it to be as cold as possible. When you are ready and settled in for the foreplay, pluck your grapes and ask your partner to run it over your body and hot zones.

Food play is an adventurous way of spicing your sex life with your partner. While you are at it, keep it safe but sensual. PS: All the products displayed here are 100% natural, without preservatives or additives.

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