For thine heart is so big and your smile so sweet… your hug so warm and your words so soothing that my morning prayer be that you always be my friend,now and forever, Amen.

Friendzoned! For life! You’re never goin’ hit that coochie… never! Lol. I know this subject is a touchy one for guys but seriously its hilarious to hear guys whine over it. You’ve been working your ass out hoping to hit that cooochie even if its one time and then…”Oh Richie! You’re so sweet to me. I hope we remain friends for life! BFF!” lmao! Sorry buster,you’ve been playing the wrong cards. You’ve been confined to a lifetime of back-rubs and handing out tissue :p hahahahahaha. I got these hilarious examples of friendzoning on facebook. Learn from their mistakes guys. just one wrong gesture and  its BFF!! lol

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