my sex date in a restaurant

It was when I had changed the fifth underwear for the evening that a part of me wished that I could call Chris and just cancel. What could I possibly use as an excuse after telling him five minutes ago that I was almost ready?

“I could tell him I had a work emergency and I had to attend to it” I say to my non absent friend Sandra who was tired of listening to my stream of excuses. “Say something Sandra or at least help me out”

“I have my self-care session, I want to be alone” Sandra replies and faces her book.

Sandra’s self-care session involved some tantric massage, masturbation, watching porn and drinking white wine. I had never gone on a blind date before and stories from my friends always put me off. Like expecting Party Jollof rice and getting oh well, maybe Eba or Amala. Not like they are not bad foods but I’m just painting the picture. What could go wrong?


I am meeting Chris at one of those elegant restaurants in the heart of the city. I am late and as I walk into the restaurant I’m glad at my choice of outfit. I notice the eyes on me as I stride in wearing a red dress that accentuates my figure and highlights my figure and simple makeup.

Chris text reads “The gentleman on the white shirt seated in the red zone. You can’t miss me” I walk confidently towards the red zone, named after the lighting colour used. I and Chris had been chatting for months but we never exchanged pictures of our faces, just nudes.

I am caught in my tract as I see him and all my nervousness is replaced with a deep lusting over our conversations online. Brother fits into the box of TFH; Tall, Fair and Handsome. When we hug, I sniff his cologne and I know I want to eat this man.  He smiles brightly and after catching my breath, calls on the waiter to take my order.

“Can you be my main course? Say YES and I will show you how” a message from Chris pops into my phone and I blush. What could he have cooked up his sleeve in a restaurant?

“Indulge me” I say to him

His legs from under the table work its way to my thighs and spread my legs apart. Next, his cold toe caresses my thighs and circles around my vagina in my panties.

“Do you want some more wine?”, he asks with an innocent smile, his toe rubbing my panties up and down.  He plays with my labia and using his big toe and the next toe uses it as a clip to hold it in. I’m glad he chose the red zone because maybe everyone would see my expression. After some seconds he stops, and bends down as if to pick up what fell off but in 10 seconds separates my panties with one and dips the other finger in as my wetness welcomes him eagerly. My horniness intensified. After sitting back up, he tastes my pussy juice and smirks weirdly.

I grab my purse, smooth my dress and walk out

“Excuse me; I have to use the bathroom”

I first smell him before I see him.  I guessed right, he had followed me to the bathroom; I pull him in immediately he walks in, and bury my lips in his. He returns the kiss with the same ferocity. His hands cup my breasts immediately as we kiss, his palm covers my miniature breasts, stroking my nipples at the same time. He grabs my ass, pushes me to the edge of the sink and as he plants wet slobbery kisses on my neck, I feel hopeless and my want growing. He carries me, lifts me on the sink and kneels in front of me. I shudder as he takes off my already wet panties, sniffs and puts it over his head.

Chris takes off my heel, and caresses my feet softly which has a surprisingly sexy effect on me. Next, he puts his finger in my pussy, takes my juice and rubs it on my toe. He brings my toe to his mouth and sucks it. Almost the same way I would suck a dick, only stopping to apply more of my excessive wetness before sucking my toe again. I can see his erection growing and before I can reach for it, he makes me lean back on the mirror spreads my leg opens and starts to eat my pussy. Chris flicks his tongue over my pussy entrance; he kisses my labia softly and buries his head in my pussy.

“Let me eat you right”

At this point my pussy was a meal and Chris’ fingers my cutlery. He inserts two into my eager yoni at once and I force myself to hold back my moan.  Chris’ fingers work their way inside of me like he has been there before and my G-spot welcomes him like a friend. My moans become quicker and I grope my breasts as my breath quickens. Chris doesn’t stop, he maintains the same pace only going quicker with the clitoris hitting both spots until I climax. I had not squirt in close to a year until now and Chris makes sure nothing goes to waste and he drinks in my every drop until my legs stop shaking.

“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasies, Is there anything left of dinner?”

I am too exasperated to speak but I manage to find my voice. “I think we should get going”

“Great, after you then”  I smooth the creases from my red dress, take my panties off Chris head, readjust my lipstick and open the door. My first date has become a sex date.


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