She was the glow of a thousand candles
Subtle, fiery and blazing
Her skin blazed in the aura of mahogany
Silky tanned, mixed in brown cocoa and dripping coffee

Her lips
Pouted and adorned in the beauty of red lipstick
Lips that trail blazed my body in adoration
Setting unseen flames of passion to every door knocked on
Showing red hues of places she visited

Her tongue was the magic of a thousand fairies
She spoke commands without raising her voice
And explored my gate with the precision of a skilled surgeon
Creating fireworks in ordinary places

BEL was her name
And ours was just a game of lust
And when we fucked
Our bodies melted into each other, rubbing against the heat of pleasure
But when we made love
She commanded the thunder of a thousand rain
And then she she walked away
Because our love was FUCKBIDDEN.

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