Golden Pot Of Gold: Beautiful Inside Out

Its funny how the first comments I got on this page were “Hmmms” and “ahs” and “smhs” and “wows” I can take the reaction in two ways: I can assume I wowed my readers cos of the assortment of nudes on here or I wasn’t supposed to have the balls or brains for this. Though I seriously prefer  the first assumption, I have to comment on the second instead.

  A lot of people are familiar with my obscenities and witty comments and posts on twitter and blackberry messenger or even Most of them will pro’ly not be able to stitch my personalities together but then, even my mum tried that and failed. Those who know me personally or should I say physically (and I don’t mean the biblical “know”lol), would pro’ly find it even harder to do.

   Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, What the heck do we know about people anyway? You can’t tell the size of my brain by staring at the boobs on my avatar or dp or the smileys I use. I’d take my top off and jiggle my waist in a bar if I would actually, one day)doesn’t add or subtract anything from my IQ.

   So enough with the “wows” and “hmms”..I’m just getting started. Plus I’ve seen better blogs. Caffeine and whiskey have eaten up the larger part of my brain anyway

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