Guns and Roses

After some serious considerations,Yesterday I tagged a few witches to my post (with great expectations),Cos I was eager to read/hear their opinions. As nature would have it,D responses were “not massive”. Some couldn’t be bothered with replying or commenting. The other half felt the post and page were too vulgar,hence an affront to their “values”..hmmmn. The ones who couldn’t be bothered might be the cocky ones.. Somewhere in their minds,they felt they could do better(and most of them actually can and pro’ly will). The other half are the “wives” 😀 The gals who won’t lift a skirt in public to swat that fly but would let it crawl its way farthest up in their could be mean, I know; but I can’t really stand prudes(coping just FINE with my  two prudish SISTERS,though). 

Either way,the bottom line is this.. No matter how vulgar and obscene the gal is, no matter how uptight she looks..every gal is like dough. She’ll bend,she’ll fold,she’ll roll over and she’ll pop. No matter how loose she is,she’ll stay. No matter how dumb she is,she’ll stretch herself to impress u. We would be anything for u!All we need is d right touch,tap,hold or pinch.
NB:This post can be as sexual as u imagined it *winks*

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