Dear Mahogany,
I am a 34 years old married woman.
I’ve known my husband since I was 18. He is the first and only sexual partner I’ve known.
We have 3 kids and a happy life except the sexual frustration I’m experiencing.
My husband and I, have sex the old school way. All these years, it’s always the missionary position.
He is domineering and doesn’t even want to try out other styles.
Cowgirl and Doggy is a ‘No’ for him.
I can’t take it anymore and I fantasize about all the naughty things I want to do with him and to him.
This has put some strain on our sexual life. Our foreplay also has very short timing. I’m rarely wet before he climbs me. I believe great and flexible sex is a must for couples and I can’t go on with missionary.
How do I get him to be open minded and try out other sexual positions and fantasies?

Chinwe, 34.



Dear Chinwe,

Communication is the key to being happy in a relationship. You need to have a private conversation with your husband and open up about your feelings.
There are other ways to teach him new things and change his sexual orientation.
You can start by dressing up specially to attract him. Go shopping for some new lingerie and underwear.
Then try initiating sex. Tell him it’s a special way to appreciate his love.
Promise to cook him his favorite meal if he is willingly to try out another position or make a request as your birthday gift.
Whatever you do, be patient with him as long as he is willing to change. All the best.

With love,

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