Before 50 shades of Grey, people would consider you a pervert or sick if you talked about having a fetish .The advent of 50 shades of Grey increased popularity of kinky sex and acceptance of, fetishes, BDSM and everything tagged unconventional. , With more people becoming more open about their interest and others feeling safe to relate their sexual experiences. This increased popularity brought the definition of fetish to mind.

What is a fetish? Fetish is derived from fetico a Portugese word which means an “excessive fascination”. It is an atypical sexual interest in an object, sensation, body part or act.  In other words a fetish is a sexual response and attraction to non-sexual objects or body parts. For instance, feet, shoes, or food. While others may not find these sexually attractive, a fetishist i.e someone who practices fetish sex derives sexual pleasure from it.

 There have been up to 549 paraphilia identified and more yet to be known but the most common of all body part fetish that has been identified is the foot fetish, popular among men. Here, the man is fixated on his partners’ feet and derives sexual satisfaction from it.

A fetish is different from a kink. Couples that involve in role play, dressing up in diapers, wanting to be spanked or playing a submissive to spice up their sex life once in a while do this as a kink. Fetishists on the other hand must have the object of their attraction on hand or fantasize about it before they can get sexually aroused.

fetish sex

A fetish is normal and healthy as long as you don’t lose control of it and it isn’t the only way you define sex.

You may be wondering how does indulging in fetish sex help your sex life in a relationship?

Benefits of fetish sex for couples

  1. It builds communication

Being able to talk to your partner about your sexual fetish and playing them out improves communication during sex. You can boldly say what you want and do not want during sex and more sensitive to your partners’ needs.

2. It makes you ready to explore more

Trying out fetishes can lead you to discovering and exploring more sexual experiences together. You are both open to trying out new things in the bedroom as  a spice for your sex life.. This can improve sexual confidence and a turn on for hotter sex.

3. According to health line ‘’ For example, a study from 2009Trusted Source found that couples that engaged in positive, consensual sadomasochistic (SM) activity had lower levels of the harmful stress hormone cortisol, and also reported greater feelings of relationship closeness and intimacy after their sexual play.’’

4.. Keeps the sex exciting

The thrill of not knowing what to try out or doing something new all the time, keeps your sex life exciting. Even in your day to day life,you will both be open to adventure and wanting to do things in other ways. This intensifies the friendship in your relationship and as lovers.

5. It shows love non-sexually

Couples that indulge in fetish sex together can learn to appreciate other parts of their partners; body that doesn’t have to do with sex. A foot fetishist can take their time to pamper and adorn their partners’ foot, through pedicure and warm massages. The way a foot fetish takes care of the foot can also improve confidence in their partner and make them feel more comfortable and conscious about it.

When indulging in a fetish as with every other kink, remember to create a safe word to be used during sex play. Stay protected.


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