Continued from HEAT OF THE NIGHT PT 1


In the coming weeks, I avoided Oma. I was madly in love with her but my brother’s happiness was more important.

Oma completed him. He spoke lovingly about her almost all the time. Always boasted that she was the most beautiful woman ever. She was actually. At least to the both of us.

Damian called one evening, panic in his voice.

“Oma wants to call off the wedding. She got cold feet. She says she’s not ready yet” he blurted.

My heart beat a million times faster.


“Do you want me to talk to her? Don’t be so sad about this Damian” I responded.

“I love her Anna. She means the world to me. We planned our lives together”

“I’m sure she loves you. Women go through so many emotions before their wedding. Just give her some time”

“Do you think she met someone else? She seems distant these days. Doesn’t pay attention to me anymore. Something is up and I’m going to find out” Damian said.


Sweat spread across my forehead.  My breathing changed.

“Calm down Damian. Okay? Let me talk to her. Everything will be fine. She’ll come around”. I assured.


I went to Oma’s house the following evening.  She was home alone, as usual.

She came to hug me.

“You’ve refused to pick my calls. I’ve been to your place. You won’t answer the door” she complained.


“And you called off the wedding Oma! I told you not to. Damian is an emotional wreck right now” I screamed.


“I can’t marry Damian. I’m in love with someone else” she responded.

“Are you listening to yourself Oma? You know we can never be together. Under these circumstances”

“A girl can dream. Can’t she?” Oma asked.


I didn’t want to turn it into a huge argument. I had to control the situation.


I played the love card on Oma. I told her I’ll continue loving and fucking her if she went ahead with the wedding. That we can secretly continue to be lovers. I told her I loved her and if she didn’t want to hurt me, she’d marry Damian.

My emotional manipulations worked. Oma accepted. We held each other for a while.

“I’m leaving. I have work in the morning” I said.

“Spend the night. Please Anna. I missed you” she pleaded.

“I don’t know if I can. I have so much to do”

“Please” she begged.

Oma started to kiss my neck. My face. Everywhere.

“Make me happy tonight. Like I made you. Please” she said.

I couldn’t deny that I missed her too. But I couldn’t let go of the guilt that overwhelmed me.

“I love you Anna”

Oma shifted my bra and placed her tongue on my nipples.

I moaned softly. I didn’t realize when my gown and bra dropped to the floor. My nipples hardened.  She caressed and sucked every part of my body. Her hands travelled down my body until she held unto my panties. She rubbed my ass.

“Take off your clothes” I instructed.

I took in the view of her beautiful naked body. I held her waist. Her skin was super soft and smooth.

I ran my fingers through her hair while my fingers massaged her clit. Moans of pleasure escaped her mouth.

I slid in a finger into her pussy feeling her warm wetness. My mouth making circles on her nipples. I inserted the second finger and thrust harder. With my other hand, I stroked her clit. She kissed my body and held onto me.

I got on my knees and brought her pussy close to my face. With one leg placed on the sofa and the other on the floor, I let my tongue work its magic.


She arched her back and grabbed my hair. Her moaning got louder.  My tongue went deeper. She widened her legs and pushed her cunt towards me.

She came in a bit, gasping and screaming as waves of pleasure tore through her body. Her thighs shaking uncontrollably. Her juices flowed as I held on and drank from her fountain.



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