Help! His Penis is Too Small!

Dear Mahogany,

I think I have found myself in a big problem. I recently got engaged to this guy I have known for a while. We have been friends on Facebook and Twitter for years and we finally started dating last year. From the beginning, he made it clear to me that he wanted something serious and he has been acting the part. Through the one year we dated, he was in Europe for his Masters and we only saw each other via Whatsapp calls and Facebook. He introduced me to his cousins, sisters and friends and I’ve been hanging out with some of them who live in Lagos.

Recently, he came back to Nigeria and threw a surprise engagement party for us with the help of his family. Everything was perfect and sweet and I swear I’ve never felt more loved in my life.

The only problem between us now is his penis is too small! It’s about 5 inches at most and not that thick. What do I do? I’m not a sex a freak but I know they say size matter and I don’t want to find myself in a marriage with bad sex


Dear Anon,

Granted, sex is a big part of marriage and bad sex can really put your marriage in danger. The big question though is, is penis size the only problem you are having in this relationship? If yes, then the next question is, why does size matter to you and what size matters to you?

A short penis is a blessing in many ways, the trick is to learn how to use it and find the right positions and I can tell you there are many positions better suited to a short penis. Four positions you can enjoy with this size are:

For deeper penetration try these two:

The Cowgirl Position

The shorter the penis, the less trouble to you cervix and the easier you will be able to grind on him. To get even more out of this, get in the position that lets you grind your clitoris against him.

The Doggie Style

Believe it or not, doggie is best with a short penis. Like the cowgirl, it gives deep penetration and can become torturous and painful with a long penis. For deeper penetration, arch your back all the way or raise your hips with two pillows under your waist.

For friction try these two

The Cello Style

Pull him in for a tighter fit by lying on your back, pressing your legs together and lifting your legs over your head. Have him kneel before you and hold your feet to one side of your head, playing you like the fine instrument that you are. If you can’t keep your legs straight, just bend your knees and enjoy

The  Tissue Massage

This is spin-off from the doggie style. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs opened. Have him penetrate you in this position. Once he is in, close your legs together, and you can immediately feel it get tighter. This position may need a little pillow propped under your belly for deeper penetration.

Sex is important in any serious relationship, especially a long term one like marriage, but so also is communication. Now we are not asking you to talk about his small size and ruin your relationship and his ego. Instead, talk about the other tings you like in bed and the things he likes in bed. If you love each other, pleasing yourselves will be more than a priority.



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