our children are ruining our sex life

Dear Mahogany,

I have been married for seven years now to the most amazing woman in the world and God has blessed us with two children I love with my life, but Mahogany there is an issue. Our sex life has not been the same anymore and I feel like the children are the cause.

Anytime I want to start up something in the bedroom, she is never psychologically present. She keeps worrying that our children will walk in on us and then see us having sex and before you know it, she stops being in the mood.

It is a continuous frustrating cycle. I love my children and I worry about them but it can’t keep happening during sex.


Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for reaching out to us. You wouldn’t be the first man or woman who thinks their children are to blame for a decline in their sex life. Most couples have a fear of their children walking in on them during sex and we know that’s not a sight you want.

Different things such as hormones, work stress, menopause, childbirth and even the environment can lead to a loss of sexual desire. If the environment is affecting your sex drive, here are two things you can do.

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  1. Take the sex out of the bedroom

This is the first step to take. Plan a short weekend or a longer one if you can. Plan a weekend gate away without your children, (make sure you leave them with a trusted person) spend time talking about good memories; speak your love languages while you plan for your trip.

And while on your trip, introduce intimacy into your bedroom, you can read or watch erotica together, throw in some natural aphrodisiacs like the yoni revive or naughty and wild if you want.

Talk about your sex lives and listen to know if there are other reasons other than what you know.

2. Schedule your sex

Create a schedule for sex at home. Choose a time when the children would be asleep or supervised by an adult in the house. Work your way around a time that gives you time to spend enough quality time with low chances of your children walking in on you.

Would love to hear your feedback and how it went. Have an amazing night.



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