High Sex Drive in Women and How to Manage it

Have you been experiencing an unusual increase in sexual appetite? Does it suddenly feel like your libido is through the roof and you want sex all the time? 

Sex Drive or Libido is a major concern for women, whether it is too high or too low. A slightly high libido in females is considered normal, but when excessive sexual thoughts start to interfere with your daily activities and affect your relationship, it may be time to ask Google or a professional.

Contrary to popular belief, sexual appetite in women can be as high and wild as in men. This means that some women may crave sex as much as men. Even though this may be hard to believe, considering that an healthy man can get several erections in one day, but it is true.

What causes a High Sex Drive in women?


Scientist find that one hormone responsible for a libido in both men and women is the testosterone, also known as the male hormone. Although women produced a far less quantity than men, women who produce more testosterone than others generally have a larger appetite for sex and masturbation.


Research says a woman’s age may actually increase her sex drive. Puberty, menopause are big events in a woman’s reproductive cycle and they directly affect her sexual appetite. For teenagers, the unfamiliar feeling of new hormones surging through their body causes young girls to experiment a lot with sex.

Contrary to popular belief, older women do not cringe at the mention of sex. In fact, women are likely to want more sex when ovary function start to decline. Other women , especially married women, tend to want more sex with their partners closer to the age of 40.


It is not news that pregnant women experience a spike in libido in their first trimester (first 3 months). During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes considerably: her breasts become larger and more sensitive; The vulva becomes swollen because of the excessive flow of blood. This leads to more enjoyment during sex. With all this increased sensitivity, it’s no wonder pregnant women find themselves craving more sex.

Since every woman is different, some women continue to crave sex till their delivery day.

Medical Conditions

There are a good number of medical conditions that can cause your libido to soar significantly. Some of those are mental conditions like Bipolar Disorder, excessive hormone production like Hyperadrenalism, Hyperadrogenism, and other grave illnesses like Pancreatic Endocrine Tumor –which causes your body to secrete large amounts of insulin, somaostatin and glucagon, which can affect your hormone levels and make you crave sex.

Other Causes
  • A child who is sexually molested may start to masturbate long before the onset of puberty.
  • Many of the foods that we consume have hormones added to them that may increase libido in females.
  • Anxiety is another important cause of a high sex drive in women because orgasms act as a way to psychologically comfort oneself.

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