I’ve been called different names by my friends, ranging from ho or slut or bitch. I think ho tops the list and I never get quite tired of it. well, I’m Shirley and I enjoy sex, I may be sharing some of my stories and ho experiences with you along the line.
My heart is thumping and I can feel droplets of sweat drop from breast and trickle down to my abdomen. I’m sitting in a stuffy kitchen with a dick inside of me and I still find it hard to fathom how I got here. Maybe I want to cast away the image of my ho experience. I had received a call earlier from my neighbor, well, he wasn’t just an ordinary neighbor, he was a friend without strings but with hitches.
‘Are you less busy, I was feeling bored and I needed company’
‘Should I come over?’ I ask lazily managing to take my eyes off from the book I’ve been reading
My room mate and friend look at me with raised eyebrow, ready to launch into a throne of questions when I drop the call. The questions are always the same, the frequent of them; are you guys banging and my insincere reply is always not yet. I hope they realize I’m lying, I’m not just ready for some probing.
‘No, I can come over if you do not mind, my friends are around and they are all getting high and wasted’
‘Okay, but my friends are around. I hope you don’t mind the company’
‘I mind, can’t we find somewhere private, I needed someone to just talk to’
And that was how our conversation went before he came over. Gabby was a cool guy and I enjoyed his company, especially when we were getting wasted together but I felt he was troubled, it was quite unlike him to sound this way when he had company. We ended up sitting in my kitchen with my friends in the room giving us a questioning look while I mouthed that he needed space in the most convincing way I could. My kitchen has just one plastic chair and I allow him sit on it and narrate his story to me while I lean on the slab and listen to whatever he has in mind.
‘Come sit on my leg’ he says while he gets to the end of his story. I want to comfort him but I don’t know how to talk to him about his girlfriend drama while I can feel his erection while I fit myself in between his legs. In between his legs his tale sounds like a mournful tale I’m trying to just lend an ear to.
His erection grows harder as he narrates and his hands travel to my taut eager nipples that salute from my blouse. His voice gets huskier as he keeps talking and I wished he would just shut up but he doesn’t. He raises him legs to the side and unbuttons my bum short and shifts my panties before burying my fingers in it. I’m already wet, I never knew how horny I was.
There is a slight movement at the door and my nosy friend peeks inside the darkness and calls out my name.
‘Babe I have one gist for you, you would love it. Don’t worry Gab can hear it too’

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