Holidays should be one of the most exciting days for couples and sexually active people with steady partners, because it most likely a work free day, and  you get to spend the whole day getting naughty with your partner. There are so many holidays, each holiday can be special with its own distinct sexual activity. You can make Christmas day sexdifferent from Workers day sex

or even Halloween.

The whole idea is to enjoy the Holiday doing fun, naughty things with your partner, and this would spice up your relationship. So here are some tips that would make your holiday sex one you won’t easily forget.

Obviously holiday sex has to be carefully planned if we want it to end up in the bedroom. So these tips will help you plan activities for the holiday that will ensure you and your partner end up in the bedroom in style.

  1. FOOD and DRINKS:

It’s a holiday, so it will most likely have a traditional way of celebration. But in other not to take away the tradition, it will be nice to keep up with the traditional foods and drinks used for the celebration. But make sure you spice it up with aphrodisiacs. Imbibe them into your cooking, use them as dessert and of course, Champagne the best celebration drink, which is also an aphrodisiac should not be left out.


For a sexy holiday, you have to make sure your outfit is as seductive and as sexy as you want the celebration to be. Do away with the casual and usual outfit, and put on something sexy with the holiday theme.

  1. MOOD:

The atmosphere and mood you create is very important in determine the way the celebration will end. So ensure the atmosphere is lively and spell bounding. Spice it up with sexy music, play seductive games that will leave you and your partner naked and horny.


After all the preparations and planning, it will be a shame if you end the day using the same usual and basic sex positions or routine. Switch things up, try new things, don’t go basic, go wild. There are a lot of new fun and crazy positions that will give you the orgasm of your life, so research and explore before the holiday.

These tips could also be used in celebrating special days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Enjoy your holiday.




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