Dear Mahogany,

I met this guy two months ago. And it’s been an exciting 60 days of fun with him. We have gone on dates a couple of times, we talk a lot and I enjoy his company. Before I get involved in anything too serious I would like to know if we are sexually compatible. But I don’t want to have sex for that to happen.

How can I know if we are sexually compatible without having sex. Or do we have to have sex?


Hi Tee,

I’m happy you found someone you really like. I pray it leads to more. To the question you asked you do not have to sleep with him to know if you are sexually compatible. What you need is communication. Unashamed, honest to God conversation without any restrictions. Since you are not getting involved in sex, you should begin by first knowing what they think about sex and certain sex beliefs you hold dear to you.

You just need to ask the right questions. Here are some sex questions, you can start the conversation with.

  1. I plan on visiting the hospital tomorrow to check my status. When was the last time you got tested?
  2. Do you always use protection? And when is it an exception?
  3. Are you having sex with other people? If Yes, do you always use protection?
  4. What’s your favourite sexual activity in the bedroom
  5. What do you think about sex toys?
  6. Mention a sexual activity you won’t try.
  7. What’s your sexual kink
  8. Anal, Period sex or BDSM which of them would you : Never try,  love to try and would definitely try. Checkout this comprehensive guide to making anal sex painless and pleasurable.
  9. What’s your favourite sex positions
  10. What is foreplay to you?

There you have it. 10 different questions you can ask on your next sex date that would give you an insight of your sexual compatibility. I hope they provide clearer answers for you. We got you always.



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