You are a sensual being, wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

We are all sensual beings but often times we get carried away by with the bustle and hustle of life that we forget to relax and embrace our feminine energy. Our feminine energy are the things that help us connect with our sensuality, appreciate our bodies, improve our self-confidence and attractiveness.

The world we live in has made us feel  that the term “femininity” connotes weakness and with that in mind most women find themselves drifting away from their strength while viewing it as a weakness. This disconnection from our sensual sides can have adverse effects in our sex lives. Every day there are rising cases of women experiencing an inability to orgasm, fertility struggles, pelvic pain, vaginal dryness and more.  Even though the conditions mentioned here all have a medical backing, for most women the problem is as a disconnect from their bodies; embracing their sensual energy.


How do I tap into my sensual energy?

Sensuality is different from sexuality.  Being sensual doesn’t mean you have to be sexual. Sensuality is anything that gives you physical pleasure when it comes to your senses. It could be inhaling the scent from a scented candle, the feeling you get when you slip on a lingerie. Embracing your sensuality is all about embracing all the sensations and experiences that comes with living.

Tapping into your sensuality is a journey that you have to keep navigating until you discover what works for you. You can discover your sensuality using any of the five senses of the human body. One way to do this is by purging your mind of all the negativity and toxicity that holds you back, find new ways to reconnect with your body, taking the time to learn about your body through your touch, understanding things that empower you to feel more beautiful and feminine.

So, what role does lingerie have to play in my sensual energy?

What makes you feel beautiful? We can’t deny the fact that we tend to feel more attractive and more confident when our outfits are on point. Yes, just like clothes, lingerie can also have the same effect on us. That is why there has been a rise in lingerie as outwear in recent times.

How can lingerie help connect me to my sensual nature

If you thought lingerie was just for your partner? I think you should have a rethink. Lingerie has the power to make you feel attractive, confident, sexy and sensual. Wearing lingerie can help you tap into your sensual nature. If you doubt, check out these compelling reasons why you need more lingerie as you begin the journey to embracing your sensual side.

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1. It is an act of self-love

What’s a better way of saying, I am ready to know myself than wearing something beautiful for yourself. Adorning your body in lingerie is a way of showing appreciation for your body; a reminder that you are worthy and your body deserves to be shown love.

Lingerie allows you express how you want to show love for your body. Do you find a two piece too revealing? You can opt for a chemise with garters that may be less revealing but still makes you feel confident while highlighting all of your best features.

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2. Improve your self confidence

Highlight your best features using lingerie. Tapping into your sensual side requires you dispelling all negative thoughts and tapping into your internal positive energy. Wearing lingerie can have the same effect on you. When you wear lingerie focus on celebrating your best features and accentuate it. Self-confidence is powerful and sensual. You can’t use up all of it. The more you use it, the more it increases.

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3. Unleash your feminine sexual energy

To unleash your sensual energy you have to feel feminine. Wear lingerie to embrace your sensuality and tap into your sexuality. When you look sexy, you feel sexy and vice versa. When you embrace your sensuality men are naturally drawn to you. You become a magnetic force of mystery laced with charisma.

Explore and tap into your sensual energy today. You are beautiful, scratch that. You are goddess, wear your crown and act it sis.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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