Sex is awesome without doubts but intimacy is the vibe that keeps the beat going in your sex life when the sex is bad. Anybody can enjoy sex but not everyone can have sex with intimacy. Intimacy brings about the real connection in a relationship. Occasionally a relationship can lose it’s spark and the connection built overtime can be wavering. Intimacy is more than the physical connection in the bedroom, it extends to the emotional benefits, building trust and a more intense kind of connection.
Although sex can keep the spark alive in the bedroom, intimacy is the flame that fuels the flame to a lasting relationship. Intimate couples experience a better sex life than couples who are not. To bring back intimacy to your sex life, you may consider these tips:

1. Be expressive
Intimacy comes with it a lot of vulnerability, expressing your feelings to your partner can make you seem vulnerable, but if you are ready to make it work then it should be worth the sacrifice. Talk about how you feel, what you like and do not like. Couples who talk more about their feelings, find it easier to talk about their sexual needs and preferences in the bedroom. Forming a deeper sexual connection can help bring back the intimacy in your bedroom.
2. Spice it up
You don’t want to be an ancient Agatha leaving your sex life at the mercy of the missionary’. Don’t be too serious in the bedroom with your partner, tease each other, flirt and even play hard to get. While establishing a sense of trust, connection and romance at the same time.
3. Cuddling
Cuddling is great for couples and helps bring back intimacy to your bedroom. Cuddling especially after sex is a great time for couples to bond more easily and get intimate. After sex, it’s advisable you lay back with your partner and enjoy the moment you just had, lie in each other’s arms and savour the moment.
4. Be spontaneous
You know those things your partner likes that makes him go over the moon? Do them. Send a naughty text to him at work in spite of your busy schedule, if you can send pictures, that would do just fine too. Bring back that intimacy to the bedroom by reconnecting with your partner through acts of subtle spontaneity.
5. Listen
Everyone appreciates a good listener. Be intentional; plug out that ear piece, put down your phone or laptop and listen to how your partner feels. Through listening, you can know how to make things better if your partner is feeling down. Listening can help your relationship grow and help bring back intimacy to your bedroom.

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